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A collection of patches for Northbourne NPCs.

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This is a collection of patches I use for Northbourne NPCs. This covers Falkreath, Whiterun, The Rift, Winterhold and Haafingar. I currently don't have patches for the "male-only" versions of these or the Riverwood mod of this series that was replaced by the Whiterun release.

All patches are ESL-flagged.

  • Cutting Room Floor v3.1.8+

These changes only affect a handful of characters in each NB mod but add some critical updates to AI packages, new outfits, and character items.

  • Carriage and Ferry Travel Overhaul v2.0

NB changes the appearance of several carriage drivers but CFTO creates duplicate characters records for its own reasons and uses these in place of the originals. This patch updates the facegens to the duplicate records in CFTO. Without this patch the NPCs would ignore NB changes and appear as they do in vanilla Skyrim.

  • USSEP Fixes

These optional patches address minor USSEP changes that didn't make it into the main mods. These are not critical fixes, so the decision to use them is personal. However I recommend at minimum using the one for The Rift because there are some audio template errors to minor characters that get fixed here. These patch files might get archived if NB is updated to include them.


Cutting Room Floor
Northbourne NPCs mods
USSEP Fix Patches/AIO (if any)
CRF Patches/AIO
CFTO Patches/AIO

LOOT is your friend.


In some builds CFTO might come later in file load order (MO2 left pane). In that case make sure its patches are installed afterwards. CFTO doesn't overwrite the base game facegen files, so this is an acceptable setup. However be certain to follow the load order listed above for plugins.

If you are looking for a utility to diagnose dark face bug then this XEdit script mod -- Dark Face Issue Reporter -- is a lifesaver. It won't fix the problem for you, but it'll tell you if a character has a conflict between what the winning plugin says about the character and what the character's facegen file contains. Run this before you start a new game, fix the problems it catches, and you won't have dark face happen in your next playthrough!