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A simple overhaul to the two personal armouries within the museum from Legacy of the Dragonborn. This mod is meant to breath a little life into large empty stone hallways and bring them in line with the rest of the museum visuals.

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This (unofficial addon) is a simple overhaul to the two personal armouries (East & West Armoury) within the LotD museum. I always found them to be very barren compared to the rest of the museum interiors, which was a shame after their LE equivalents felt so much more a part of things and less of an afterthought. This mod aims to bring them more in line with the decor found elsewhere in the museum, whilst also slightly increasing the number of display mounts available.

With V0.3 this now also includes display facades to the armoury niche's (glass facia and plaque) which can be toggled on/off by a switch for each one. These are intended for people who use Jaxonz Renamer (or other such mods) and want to create more dedicated displays. The plaques serve no purpose other than being an item to rename. See images for an example.



Drag & drop or with your preferred mod manager. There are no scripts, only an ESL flagged ESP and a handful of new textures. This makes it technically safe to install midgame as far as I can tell, but as always you are advised to mod sensibly and use backups.

- During testing, all mannequins and weapon mounts moved without issue. So do not need to be emptied / reset before installation.


- There is one display section (weapon mounts & shield on the wall above) in the EAST armoury which is no longer used (I don't know why this hall had one extra display section to begin with...). Your displays on it will NOT be removed by this mod installation, but they will be inaccessible. Either retrieve items from this display before you install, or TCL through the wall to retrieve them. See image for which display section is affected. All sections of this extra display have been redistributed around the hall. The 3 weapon mounts are now in place of 3 newly added mounts against one of the central flower beds. The shield mount can now be found above the door.

- The new mannequins function properly, though I have been unable to successfully tie them in to the museum mannequin switching function. Therefore they will display as the default male/female mannequins they were placed as, and not use any mannequin customization you have installed. If anyone finds this mod and is able to assist in remedying this, then please let me know and I will gladly collaborate on providing an update with the fix. With sincere thanks to ic0nic0de, there is now a script with version 0.2 which dynamically adds the new mannequins to the museum formlists so that they will now behave in line with museum mannequins (gender change to accommodate custom mannequins).

- Lighting is unchanged from the original mod. Screenshots are reflective of my own lighting setup in game. If people find that the original lighting is still too dark for this mod, I am happy to look at making an alternate version which adds lighting to the rooms.

- The wooden texture to the columns & roof supports is not included with this mod. These are from Plangkye's Extravagent Interiors - Solitude 4K

- V0.2 also replaces the rogue test image in one of the niches.



Reported as incompatible with LotD Mannequin Madness. That's why this is an unofficial mod, and will sadly most likely always remain as such. As I don't use that addon, I won't be working on compatibility either. As of V0.3 there is now an optional patch to resolve this. Just install and overwrite the main file esp with the patch one if required.

Optional patch is now available for users of Snazzy Furniture & Clutter Overhaul, courtesy of Malicious. This is a standalone ESL flagged ESP.

Should now work with Mannequin Management System, again with thanks to ic0nic0de for attacking the compatibility! No patch required, MMS support is native to the main file.


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