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You asked for it, so you got it, MORE MANNEQUINS! Adds SIX additional armory rooms under the east and west wings of the museum, adding a total of 240 additional mannequins and... well too many weapon racks to count.

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Mannequin Madness!

No, it's not a nightmare. It's not a horror from beyond your worst fears, it's true; the mannequins are really coming!... to display your stuff.

This simple addon creates a total of 6 additional armory cells under the east and west armory wings in the Dragonborn Gallery. Of course this requires Legacy of the Dragonborn.

Additionally I have integrated my mannequin slapper script which will move any misbehaving mannequins back to their placements within the addon cells. You will need to download the Legacy module for Mannequin Management if you would like the base Legacy mannequins managed by this system.

It is also important to note that this is a standard ESP not an ESL flagged ESP, so it will require a slot in your load order to run (unavoidable).

If you are adding to a game in progress is SHOULD work just fine, but some elements may need to be disabled by console if they are clipping. In a fresh game, the items are moved out of the way.


Simple, install it with your mod manager program loading up after Legacy. To remove, simply uninstall it. It does leave many scripts behind so as always it's not smart to remove from a game in progress. if you try it and decide against it, you should revert to a save prior to installing.