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Experimental project providing a variety of test systems to manage or replace mannequins.

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This project is an effort to  try and solve the holy grail of Skyrim issues: mannequin management. My first attempt proved to either be 100% successful for people or 100% detrimental, so I decided to retire the reworked mannequin script and pursue another method of putting mannequins where they belong, so behold the "mannequin slapper script". When applied to a marker in a cell with mannequins and placing each of those mannequins on a formlist for the script to refer to, the new script will wait until loading into the cell has settled down and will force move the mannequins to their original editor location. This hopefully will not interfere with the mannequins vanilla routines and yet still will babysit them to make sure they stay put.

V1: Vanilla Mannequin Fix Script (retired)

UPDATE: Due to issues with heavily modded games with high script load, I've opted to retire the rewritten mannequin replacement script. You can still get it on the old files section but it's no longer supported and may cause issues unless your game is fairly light on its feet.

V2/V3: Mannequin Slapper System

How it works Now:
Mannequins basically only check and do their thing to reset to their desired placement when you initially load a cell into memory. The function to place them where they belong does not fire again until the cell has unloaded (you have loaded 3 other cells since your last visit). Mannequin AI however likes to do its thing every time you come into a cell, so it will often times wander off the mark in search of a better Navmeshed spot and doesn't get the oversight of being made to go back into place until the cell freshly loads into memory again.

What I have done:
I have employed a scripted object in cells where vanilla mannequins reside. Every time you enter the cell (not just when the cell first loads into memory), the marker will check a list of mannequins and if they are enabled and fully loaded into the cell after a 3 second delay upon loading, the script will force them back to their editor location. Currently this covers all vanilla mannequins from base game and all expansions. An additional patch that covers Legacy of the Dragonborn is also available to keep an eye on the armory and safehouse mannequins.

What you can do:
Report what you can. Try it out, test the vanilla location mannequins, try it with Legacy and see if it works out. If it does seem to work well, patches for other mods which add mannequins would be in order.

Just install as a new mod in your load order. This is an ESL flagged ESP file so it will not take any room in your load order. To uninstall, remove from your load order. It's of course best to wait until you start a new game to remove it prior to starting again, but if you use a script cleaning utility like Falrim tools and clean out any instance of the script MannySlapperScript from your game after removing the plugin, it should be fine.