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Replaces the vanilla bow models with more practical and realistic models.

Permissions and credits
These models are FREE to use without direct permission, you do not need to contact me if you want to use these bows in another mod under two conditions:

1. Do not include them in a mod you intend to charge money for or an Emu will come and kick your egg rolls off.
2. Give due credit and/or link back to this mod page.

Really, simple as that, happy modding.
As a side note, I'
ve lost the source files because I stupidly stored them in my Skyrim directory instead
of my work directory
and they got reformatted when I built a new computer, so what you see here is what you get.

If you downloaded version 1.0, I forgot to update the tangents for the meshes, sorry about that.  It's nothing harmful but the models are much better looking with them, there's a patch up on the files page so you don't have to redownload the textures as well.  Special thanks to insaneplumber for pointing this out, go give him some kudos for being awesome.

Insaneplumber has also made an installer so you can select which bows you'd like to install, or not install.

For me, the worst part of Skyrim is the bow models.  As a craftsman in real life, I see the vanilla Skyrim bows and can't imagine them ever working if they were real, they just break all the rules when it comes to bow making so I set out to make new bow models based on real, functional bows.  I hope when you see these new bows in the game you will get the impression that they were made by a competent and skilled bowyer rather than a Hollywood prop maker.

What follows is a description of each new bow and how it would be made by a bowyer in Tamriel.  Note I have not made a new Wooden/Long Bow model, there's a perfectly awesome one right here.

    Ancient Nord Bow

        These are Longbows made from a single piece of wood, found in Nordic tombs these simple but effective bows withstand the test of time though the skill of their craftsmen.
    Daedric Bow

        Similar in construction to an Ebony bow, the Ebony is treated with a Daedra heart which causes the ebony to crack, Daedra blood seeps into the cracks and solidifies in the heat creating a much more rigid yet still flexible material.  The sinew may or may not be from the fallen Daedra which the heart comes from which itself is more effective as a construction material than animal sinew.  These bows also contain the vestige of the Daedra used to create them, as such each one is unique and practically alive.
    Dwemer Bow

        Dwemer bows are a unique design, created with an alloy of Dwemer metal these bows are light yet durable, they never need to be unstrung and require next to no care.  The limbs of the bow are made of solid metal carefully shaped to draw smoothly and are permanently rivetted to a hollow metal handle.
    Ebony Bow

        Ebony bows are composite bows with a twist, the horn usually used in composite bows is replaced by a strip of tempered Ebony, making for a heavy yet soft draw with little hand shock upon release.  A sinew backing with a wooden core is still used to provide support for the Ebony which would snap if drawn on it's own.
    Elven Bow

        These are very large bows of an unusual asymmetrical design, they are made with a bamboo back and belly with several more layers of bamboo layered laterally in the core, the sides of the bow are laminated with cherry.
    Falmer Bow

        The Falmer may be blind, but their bowyers are masters of their craft.  Their bows are made from thick tree roots carefully selected for shape, harvested from trees growing through the walls and ceilings of caverns near the surface, though they will occasionally venture to the surface to harvest wood.  Because of the unusual source of the material these bows tend to twist and curve in ways that may seem strange to one used to more conventional bows, though when carefully tillered by the hand of a skilled Falmer bowyer this matters little as these bows will still loose an arrow as effectively as the best bows on the surface.
    Forsworn Bow

        These are unique double limbed bows, they have a smooth draw and very little hand shock.
    Glass Bow

        Glass bows are based on the design of the Dwemer bow, a strip of malachite carefully selected for a straight grain running down the length of the limb is used as a backing for a flat hardwood pair of limbs attached to a wooden handle.
    Hunting Bow

        A simple short bow backed with sinew.  Light and quick, they make excellent hunting weapons.
    Imperial Bow

        The Imperial Legion in Skyrim uses composite bows, a thick hardwood core with a horn belly and sinew backing.  The limbs are wrapped with rawhide to protect the bow from the harsh weather in Skyrim.
    Nord Hero Bow

        Made of a single piece of hardwood, these bows are every bit as good as their ancient counterparts would have been when they were new.
    Orcish Bow

        As hunters the Orcs natually use composite bows, the usual wood core with a horn belly and a sinew backing.  The bows have a very heavy draw and are wrapped with rawhide to protect them from the elements.