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About this mod

A fresh and complete replacement of all Skyrim landscape textures in 4K (and 2K, 1K) glorious quality.

Permissions and credits
"Went for a hike at a State forest last weekend and was disappointed that they hadn't upgraded their textures to Tamerilic."Chewenii

"Some of the absolute best textures I've ever seen!! Such an amazing work!!"Didelididelidoo

"This texture pack is the cat's pajamas."b3ast1e

"This is it, the apex of landscape textures. I've disabled like six other landscape related texture mods (mountains, bridge, snow, etc.) since I've discovered this mod because I found it superior than them even with the 1k resolution."Ryajore

"Easily the best landscape texture mod out there." ~ RenaissanceChris

Tamrielic Textures is a texturing project with the aim to provide brand-new, high quality, immersive textures for Skyrim. The first milestone focuses on landscape textures and contains a complete work of replacement maps for terrains, mountains, dirt cliffs, and roads... effectively all textures you find under Skyrim/data/textures/landscape except for grass and trees.

With Tamrielic Textures you'll once again drive your Skyrim world quality up by a couple notches while receiving a diversified environment with crimson tundras, lush meadows, stark wastelands, sandy beaches, and rugged mountain ranges.

Check out Tamrielic Grass, the perfect grass mod for using together with Tamrielic Textures - Landscapes!

What's Covered?

In short, all of it: Whiterun tundra, pine forest, The Rift, The Reach, frozen marsh, rivers, snow, volcanic area, coastal beach, ice and glaciers, mountains, dirt cliffs, and roads. Unlike with many other texture mods one of the key directives of this project is to not leave any texture untouched. So you will get a cohesive quality upgrade for every single texture featured in any given area.

Texture Sizes

  • 4K with most textures being in 4K resolution for maximum detail. The mountain textures are in 8K. 6 or more GB of VRAM recommended.
  • 2K-4K with most texture diffuse maps being in 4K and normal maps in 2K. Mountain textures are in 8K.
  • 2K with most textures in 2K resolution, The mountain textures are in 4K. 4 to 6 GB of VRAM recommended.
  • 1K-2K with most texture diffuse maps being in 2K and normal maps in 1K. Mountain textures are in 4K.
  • 1K for low-end systems. The mountain textures are in 2K.


  • Install with your mod manager of choice (I recommend Mod Organizer 2) and make sure Tamrielic Textures is loaded after any other texture mods that might override files from it.
  • Optional: Run TexGen (part of DynDOLOD) to create LOD textures if you want them. Make sure to place all your custom LOD textures AFTER DynDOLOD Resources and make sure to run TexGen first, then xLODGen for terrain LOD only, then DynDOLOD for object & tree LOD only. Check TUCOGUIDE for more detailed info on creating LODs.
  • You're done!


Tamrielic Textures is compatible with SMIM and includes compatible textures for SMIM bridge meshes.


the included meshes for dirt cliffs, roads, and bridges are optional but highly recommended as they improve the look of these objects. Especially the roads are improved for a more 3D look. You can totally choose not to use these meshes but be aware that the road textures have been designed for these meshes and might not look as good without them.

Future Milestones

Tamrielic Textures is an ambitious texture project with plans to cover many other areas of Skyrim such as villages, cities, dungeons and caves. For an overview of the project road map check out this link. Check out my Patreon About page to find more details about the whole project!

Skyrim LE & Xbox One Version

Skyrim Legendary Edition version can be found here.
Xbox One version on can be found here.

Q & A

Q: How to create terrain LOD with these textures?
A: I recommend following this guide to generate LODs with DynDOLOD, TexGen, and xLODGen. Make sure to move any existing textures in textures/terrain out of your load order before using xLODGen or it will not generate new LOD textures (check its log!). Some mods, like world map mods for example provide their own terrain LOD textures which you will have to disable or move out temporarily.

Q: Snowy road stones are not covered by snow.
A: This is an issue with how projected snow works in Skyrim SE. In general, you can have good-looking roads without snow and roads on bridges or you will likely get something that looks ugly or doesn't work on bridges or messes up the snow projection on bridges. For what it's worth, if you must have this try this patch and decide if you're happy with the result.

Q: Is this mod compatible with X/Y/Z grass/tree mod?
A: In general yes. This mod doesn't change anything about trees or grasses so you can use it with any grass or tree mod you prefer. If any other mod makes changes to terrain, road, or dirtcliff textures or meshes you might get a soft incompatibility. Choose witch ever you prefer by putting it later in your load order.

Q: The game crashes after I installed this mod.
A: Make sure that the meshes are not overwritten. Be aware that some mods might install meshes that could cause incompatibilities with the textures.

Q: There are hard texture seams in some areas on the terrain.
A: This is a Skyrim vanilla issue. The reason why these seams aren't so obvious with vanilla textures is because these textures have a more monotonous color palette that blend together more easily. The seams are a trade-off of using custom textures that look more varied. But I agree, it's a frustrating issue nevertheless! Some mods that modify terrain or terrain textures can cause hard texture seams. If unsure it's best to check the textures with a vanilla mod setup to confirm that seams are caused by some mod.

Q: This mod makes textures look out of place in some places (such as mossy areas in snow landscape, etc.)?
A: Again, this mod changes only vanilla textures (with a few exceptions for dirt cliffs that have additional texture variations). The reason why vanilla textures blend better is because they are a monotonous mishmash of gray-in-gray. Order and mix your mod load order and textures in the way you like if you're unsatisfied with the out-of-place-looking textures.

Q: Are the textures really your original work? Some of them look very similar to other texture mods! You thief! I'm gonna report you!!
A: Yes, the textures are indeed all my original work! A few textures are looking similar to ones in other texture mods (notably snow and ice floes) because they are made from the same source images that are freely available on the web. If you look closer you'll notice that my textures differ in detail though.

Q: What ENB and other mods are you using on your screenshots?
A: See this post for infos.

Q: Why are there no LOD textures included? / Please add LOD textures!
A: Use TexGen to generate LOD textures! TexGen is part of DynDOLOD and allows you to create LOD textures at any desired size for all your installed textures.

Q: Please make textures for X/Y/Z part of Skyrim next before making textures for Whiterun/Riften/Farmhouse...!