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Applies collisions from characters to the grass to bend it

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WARNING! This is still work in progress, some bugs may occur. Previously players picked up preset 5 as optimal, but were too few of them to count much as statistics, so hope with SE version people could make better set of parameters and report them.
WARNING2! Complex grass lighting is absolutely correct, same as any other object in the game, so don't ask me why it's so dark or bright, because "It Just Works". Read this description down below for detailed explanation.
WARNING3! Do not send me messages, please.

This mod contains several preconfigured files for the new feature of ENBSeries (v0.475 and newer).

Collisions do not take much of fps, mostly depends from complex grass feature which on some cpu (Ryzen 3xxx mostly) have much higher performance hit than it supposed to be. Density of the grass and how many polygons count of it - that's the biggest influence on performance. With dense grass mods which i tried at GTX1060 videocard loss is around 1.5-2 fps when have around 60 fps in general.

1 Copy one of enbgrasscollisions.ini file to your game folder.
2 Open enbseries.ini and set there in the [EFFECT] category EnableComplexGrass=true and EnableComplexGrassCollisions=true. If you have file enbseries.ini inside folder "enbseries", also modify it the same way.
2 Start the game, find some grass and step on it.
3 Enjoy!

* For some people first person mode do not have collisions, not yet found reason why.
* Collisions not detected from feet when character do not wear shoes of any type.
* Big objects like dragons or mammoths do not have full size collisions.

Ported Skyrim LE to SE code.
Fixed compatibility with ENB Helper SE.
Fixed lighting change bug at different camera angles.
For first person mode pushed grass more, so small grass react as well.
Added shadows from point lights to the complex grass to fix bright grass for interior locations. Fixed dark vegetations at some camera angles for interiors.

Many people complain about lighting change when complex grass is enabled (and it's required for grass collisions). Game originally do not have point lights applied to the grass. Sun/moon light not properly applied because there is no normal vector. Ambient light not directional and just one color variable. Per weather vanilla grass can change intensity in weird way, to be bright at the cloudy weather or dark and sunny, all because of invalid math. With complex grass all computations are made the same as any other objects in the game do. The problem with darkness happens because grass meshes usually flat and don't have normal maps (but normal maps now supported with ENBSeries), so when sun is closer to zenith position on the sky, it is perpendicular to surface of grass plane, which gives no light to it. To avoid this issue the best solution is to make proper normal maps for the grass as described in the guide for complex grass. But if no mods available with such normals, increase fake lighting parameter in the enbseries.ini file, that's mimic of game vanilla lighting. When sun is close to horizon (sunset f.e.), one side of grass is brighter not because it's a bug, but because again it's just a plane without normal map, so it is same bright as any other object turned to sun by same angle. Want better lighting - get normal mapped version of the grass.