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Bring a bit of life to the wilderness. Compatible with almost all grass and tree mods.

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This simple mod is an alternative for those who just want their grass to move more, and to be as accessible as possible for players who don't know how to change or don't want to change the Skyrim.ini while being compatible with pretty much every grass and trees mod.

Use a Mod Manager.
*If you don't like any of the available options, you can tweak WindyGrass.ini yourself. Higher numbers mean "more wind".
*ESP Plugin flagged as ESL.
Don't forget, It needs to load after any grass mod, and read the pinned comments.

Any mod that uses fWindGrassMultiplier is going to be incompatible. My mod only affects grass, and nothing else.

No Grass in Caves

Credits to Gorgulla for creating Skyrim is Windy, the inspiration behind this mod/.ini tweak!