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My tweaked and integrated version of this amazing weapon replacer made by Billyro. Tweaked recipes with expanded crafting system (CCOR-based), and cautious distribution into the world (vanilla & mods) through SPID & BOS, with compatibility in mind. Includes support for BS Bruma (with a custom retexture) and Legacy of the Dragonborn katanas.

Permissions and credits
Vanilla - JK Sky Haven Temple - Legacy of the Dragonborn - Beyond Skyrim Bruma - Hammet Dungeons

My tweaked enhanced and integrated version of this amazing weapon replacer made by Billyro.

I provide my plugin (ESPFE format), modified meshes and custom texture, but you have to shop first on mod's page and Mur4s4me's addon, even if you don't want to use them, to grab their resources.

Current additions in this plugin
ESPFE plugin.
- All Katanas from Vanilla, Beyond Skyrim - Bruma* and Legacy of the Dragonborn*, available in 3 variants : Katana (slightly curved), Kodachi (more curved), Chokuto (straight sword). If you didn't know any of these other types of japanese swords, you can find more information about them on this page (french website, use translate if needed).
- New custom retexture for the 3 variants of Worn Blades Swords from Beyond Skyrim: Bruma* for more variety, with rusty iron blade part and old copper metal parts.
- Various tweaks in existing recipes, and custom recipes to fit and expand vanilla and modded recipes.
- Added corresponding tempering recipes (for new variants and base from Beyond Skyrim: Bruma* and Legacy of the Dragonborn*).
- CCOR integration (optional), to keep your crafting recipes as seamless and the less cluttered as possible. You will find the recipes in the forge under "Sword" type, "Steel" material (except for Akaviri Ancient Swords which are under "Iron" material) and "Blades" style.
Added Breakdown and Conversion corresponding recipes (to restore worn variants to their normal/repaired state).
- SPID distribution** (no vanilla edit), cautiously to hand-picked characters in the main game and mods (WIP in v1.0), still with their background and lore in mind.
- BOS distribution** (no vanilla edit), cautiously to hand-picked locations in the main game and mods (WIP in v1.0), still with their background and lore in mind.
- Patch for FPCAO 2.0 (optional), to apply its katana animations to all variants and including the same changes as this mod (v1.6) as of 2022/09/06 with few optimization tweaks. Requires DAR.

If you are concerned by the LotD and BS Bruma requirements, I edited only 2 weapon records (1 in each mod) to tweak them and ensure a better homogeneity between the different variants, however if asked I can make a standalone or LoTD-only / BS Bruma-only versions on demand.
* Mods currently supported for BOS-SPID integration : Beyond Skyrim: Bruma ; Legacy of the Dragonborn ; Hammet Dungeons ; JK's Sky Haven Temple. Mods still WIP for BOS-SPID integration : Interesting NPCs ; Legendary Cities... See the pictures for non-exhaustive examples of world integration.

1. Download and install whatever version of Akaviri Katana from Billyro (the version really doesn't matter) with your favorite mod manager (MO2 or Vortex recommended) with the options of your choice.
2. Download and install the LOTD patch from Mur4s4me (even if you don't use LotD, you'll need some assets) with your favorite mod manager (MO2 or Vortex recommended) with the options of your choice. Only tick its plugin if you are using LotD.
3. Download and install my own files here. You'll obviously need SPID and/or BOS for the distribution option(s) to work and CCOR for its features to be displayed, but otherwise none of them is a hard requirement as there is no dependency to them.

Please note that if you 're not a LOTD and/or BS Bruma user, you can find ESP replacers with the corresponding dependancies in the Miscellaneous section.

Compatibility and load order
- Other BOS mods/files editing the same objects: the _SWAP.ini files are processed by BOS in alphabetical order for the same record/reference, with the first edit taking precedence over subsequent ones (because the new RefID isn't the same after the swap). From my personal experience and familiarity with tools like SPID, if you encounter this kind of problem you should change the first letters of the name of the _SWAP.ini file you want that wins by a letter closer to the beginning of the alphabet (the opposite of SPID) ; this way you will be sure the file will be read first.

Credits and aknowledgements
Billyro for creating this amazing weapon replacer with open permissions and overall his impressive and always prime quality work.
Mur4s4me for his retextures and being an inspiring source for our community.
Powerofthree for his incredible mods and tools like SPID or BOS, improving and revolutionizing Skyrim piece by piece, and overall for being one of the great wizards in our community.
ElminsterAU and the xEdit team for this wonderful modding tool they created.

(:          Of course feel free to share your screenshots, and to endorse if you like the work done here!          :)