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A little mod that allows the player and npcs to flinch when hit
This version uses the OnHitFramework for hit detection

Permissions and credits
Flinching - OnHit Frameworks Version
A behaviour edit that allows the player and NPC's to flinch when they're hit by melee weapons, flinching doesn't override a state that an actor is in, it plays over the top of normal animations via blends the detection is now done via the OnHit Framework


Demo by Maxsu

Thanks to Maxsu2017 for their OnHit Frameworks SKSE plugin, this version's hit detection is done via a plug-in, no more scripts! Magic cannot trigger flinching

It currently only applies to humanoids(0_master races), it's possible to get these animations to work on other creatures I'll be looking into doing this

Player and NPCs can not re flinch until they finished flinching and not all states allow you to be flinched, equipping weapons/magic, unequipping weapons/magic jumping, swimming and staggering for example don't allow for flinching

Steps for Installing
1) Download and install this mod
2) Download OnHitFramework here
3) Download and install Nemesis(Off Site Link)
4) Tick "Flinching Animations" in the list of patches
5) Run Nemesis and click "Update Engine" wait for that to finish then click on "Launch Nemesis Behavior Engine" wait for that to finish
6) You can now play the game, no need for a new save

Steps for Uninstalling
1) Make sure no one is getting hit
2) Save the close the game
3) Uninstall in your preferred mod manager
4) Run Nemesis and click "Update Engine" wait for that to finish then click on "Launch Nemesis Behavior Engine" wait for that to finish
5) You have now uninstalled the mod

100% needs OnHit Framework to work

If you using the other version of Flinching, it's advised to uninstall that and install this version, I'm no longer supporting that version, There's an Article on this mod's page for instructions on uninstalling the older version
CGO and 360 movement behaviour both work with this
Should be compatible with SkySA
Animated Armoury now has built in support for flinching, you need to tick the DAR option in AA's MCM menu or use the pure DAR version of AA

NOT Compatible with FNIS
Known issues

You can retrigger the flinch animation if you really quickly mash a movement key as you get flinched, this is due to how the idle and movement states work in this mod


JDM for testing the system for me
Shikyokira for Nemesis, Behaviour Extractor and support and info on behaviour files
Zartar for his Behaviour editor tool
Maxsu2017 for the remake version and their OnHit Framework

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