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A patch for Immersive College of Winterhold and Obscure's College of Winterhold, plus a little more and even more to come.

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In the words of the great American poet, Hannah of Montana, "Mix it all together and you know you get the best of both worlds."

After what turned out to be an insanely frustrating development period, I am proud to present a compatibility patch for Immersive College of Winterhold and Obscure's College of Winterhold I have dubbed "Ultimate College of Winterhold." I do plan on adding some other things, either in the main plugin or separately, in the future.

I have designed this patch by choosing one of the two overhauls as a "base" for each room in the College, then added certain features from the other mod to that room. The only exception to this is the college courtyard, which uses a combination of both as a base. All new rooms added by each mod remain mostly unchanged (Lustratorium, Hall of Acumen, etc.).

Based on Immersive College of Winterhold:

  • Arch-Mages Quarters *Now featuring the changing center from OCW!*
  • Hall of Countenance
  • Hall of Attainment
  • The Midden

Based on Obscure's College of Winterhold:

  • Hall of the Elements
  • Arcanaeum
  • The Midden Dark

AI Packages (The schedules of each NPC) use Immersive College of Winterhold as a base, with some adjustments made to match with the new college layout.

You will notice some of the bedrooms are moved around, I had to do some shuffling to fit each person properly and have it make sense.

Huge thanks to Syn Gaming for this fantastic showcase!

Please read the Installation and Compatibility article for installation instructions and information about patches.

Please note this mod and all its patches are currently light flagged plugins. They will adhere to your load order but will not take up a spot.

The Team:
themayor897 - Lead Developer
Spacedroner - Patch Author
what777 - Patch Author
ddbb07 - LOOT Masterlist Updates

Huge thank you to GrantyBoy050 and SomethingObscure, without whom this mod would not be possible. 
For more credits and special thanks, click the "Permissions and credits" dropdown at the top of this page.

If you'd like to support GrantyBoy050, author of "Immersive College of Winterhold," use the donate button on his Nexus profile.

If you'd like to support SomethingObscure, author of "Obscure's College of Winterhold," she asks that you provide monetary or other support to Black Lives Matter in lieu of donations.