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New unique model and texture for the Stros M'Kai Rum. Optional file to add Rum to vendors. Tiny mod for fun and practice.

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  • Ukrainian
I saw another mod the other day related to Stros M'Kai Rum and thought it'd be fun to give it a unique mesh and texture for practice, so I whipped this up. I used a little trick with multi-layer parallax to try make it look like it's filled with liquid. I think it turned out OK!

The base game re-uses one of the wine bottles, so a plugin is required to point to the new mesh, but it's an ESL so it won't take up a slot in your load order.

If you're using a mega overhaul mod that edits all food and drinks you may have conflicts, so if its appearance doesn't change, you may need to make a patch.

I've added an optional file (overwrite main file) that adds Stros M'Kai Rum to the inn leveled lists so you can enjoy it for yourself outside of the one-time quest.

Happy New Year!