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Hand collision, physics object grabbing, and gravity gloves-style mechanics for Skyrim VR

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Hand Interaction and Gravity Gloves for Skyrim (HIGGS) VR adds some much-needed VR mechanics to Skyrim VR. This mod:
  • Adds collision to the player's hands
  • Lets you pick up and throw objects with both hands (actually hold them in your hands, as opposed to the springy distant grab that exists in the vanilla game), and put them into your inventory by placing them over your shoulder
  • Lets you pull objects towards you with gravity gloves-style mechanics.
  • Lets you pick up and move bodies, which is a feature missing from the base game
  • Lets you loot armor off of bodies by pulling it off

VRIK V0.8.1 dev build 28 or greater is highly recommended for index / oculus users, but not required. This enables mod support for finger animations, which lets this mod move the fingers to rest on the surface of the object that you are holding. Unfortunately, it appears this mod interface is not supported when using vive wands.
To get the latest development build of vrik, go to the VRIK posts page and look at the stickied post.
VRIK head bobbing is temporarily disabled while holding objects, as otherwise any objects you hold will bob up and down in your hands when you move. This can be changed in the ini.

Use a mod manager, or manually copy the files into your Data folder and make sure the esp is in your plugins.txt.
Included is the skse plugin dll, an esp with a couple of effect shaders for selected objects, and a papyrus api for interacting with higgs from other mods.

The basics are hopefully pretty self-explanatory to those familiar with other VR games like half life alyx, but here are the specifics.

When you point your palm at an object, it will become highlighted, in a red color if it would count as stealing or a blue color otherwise.
From a distance, hold the trigger/grip and pull your hand quickly away from the object in your direction to pull it towards you gravity gloves-style.

To pick up an object, move your hand close enough to the object with your palm facing towards it, until you see the item description text appear on the back of your hand (and your hand will open up if using the latest VRIK build). Then use the trigger/grip to pick it up in your hand, and let go to drop or throw it.
With an object in your hand, raise your hand to your shoulder until a constant haptic vibration plays. Let go and it'll be picked up.

You can also consume potions, food, and ingredients that you hold, by dropping them at the mouth.
Books can be dropped at the mouth to read them, and spellbooks will be instantly learned.

When pointing at a body, individual armor pieces will become highlighted. If you do the gravity gloves pulling motion when an armor piece is selected, the armor piece will unequip and fling towards you, essentially looting the item.
You can also loot armor from a body by grabbing a part of the body that's wearing that armor, and then grabbing the exact same part with the other hand and pulling away.

Some objects, such as books, bodies, carts with attached wheels, etc. that have physics constraints, require a different style of grabbing, and so do not get perfectly fitted into the hand and collide with static objects such as walls and tables.

Here are some common issues you may run into. If your issue is not on this list, please check your Documents\My Games\Skyrim VR\SKSE\higgs_vr.log for any errors, as well as make sure the mod and esp plugin are being loaded by the game.


There are a number of options that can be configured in the included ini file. Descriptions of each option are in that file, but some potentially useful ones are:
  • The palm direction (used for grabbing) and pointing direction (used for gravity gloves pulling) can be configured independently. These are the same by default.
  • The gravity gloves feature can be disabled, by setting FarCastRadius and FarCastDistance to 0
  • The text on the back of your hand describing the object you're holding can be disabled, by setting RolloverScale to 0
  • The highlighting effect shaders can be enabled / disabled
  • Trigger / grip can be enabled / disabled independently, as well as whether to delay the grip inputs if bound to shouting / other instant actions
  • Haptics / sounds can be adjusted
  • Shoulder locations / sizes can be adjusted
  • Various parameters around how strict or lenient the object selection should be can be adjusted
  • Thresholds for various actions, such as pulling or throwing, can be adjusted

A huge thanks to Cangar for testing, making videos, and keeping people updated on this mod while it was in development, as well as blazeyboyyy for screenshots, Muken, CylonSurfer, frazaman, prog, Shizof, and others.