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Drop on Death causes NPC's to physically drop their items on death.

Original mod by Onmogeloos, now maintained by Nightfallstorm.

Permissions and credits

This mod is originally made by Onmogeloos, all credits go to them:, I am the new maintainer to fix bugs, improve performance, add features, etc.

Known Issues:
- For some reason this mod breaks xEdit Fixed!
- Auto-return mode from Weapon Throw VR makes npcs drop "Thrown Weapon" projectiles. This doesn't break anything.

Future ideas/plans:
- Scatter dropped items around corpse - Fixed!
- Prevent unnecessary papyrus log messages
- Nightfallstorm: Fix breakage when using higher version of SPID - Fixed!
- Nightfallstorm: Have items show up in container menu/quickloot VR menu?- Mostly fixed, with a new SKSE plugin!

Original Description:

Drop On Death causes NPC's to drop their items on death. With HIGGS you can physically pick up items and bring them over your shoulder to store them in your backpack. This mod removes the need to open a menu when killing NPC's which increases immersion.

You can choose what actors drop their items using the attached .ini file. Only unequipped items are dropped on death, so NPCs are not stripped naked. You can grab these equipped items off a corpse with HIGGS. Also don't worry about lag, as the mod supports multiple despawning modes and conditions. At last there are also advanced options that can help you clean scripts in case of bugs.

Since it's my first mod, problems might occur. I appreciate any feedback.

- Spell Perk Item Distributor VR
PO3's Papyrus Extender VR

How do I change what actors drop their items on death?
Edit /Data/DropOnDeath_DISTR.ini
Explanation is on the SPID mod page

Help, the mod is not working!
Please leave a bug report or contact me

Help, a quest objective didn't trigger when it was supposed to!
Please leave a bug report or contact me, then temporarily disable the mod and reload a previous save or use console commands to skip the quest stage.

Where do I put this in the load order?
At least after SkyUI and HIGGS

- Onmogeloos for the original mod, with credit from the original modpage noted below:
- Arctal for helping with visual effects
Cangar for testing and feedback
- Subminimal for reporting a performance issue

Discord: Nightfallstorm