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A modest overhaul of the ghastly Windhelm bridge area, including some sneaky covering up of ugly seams when using snow texture replacers. Now with stone walkway to Windhelm Docks.

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This overhaul first started with annoyance with the Windhelm Bridge area and the the ugly seams in some of the meshes. This is made worse if you use Windhelm texture replacers that turn the ground textures to snow. So I stuck something over them. Then I found the ugly snowdrifts would have a texture mismatch if you used a different landscape snow texture replacer. So I removed them. Then I realised I didn't like the damn plants stuck in the walls everywhere. So I snipped them.

Then I realised the whole area was woefully neglected and could use a little sprucing up with some (possibly) lore-friendly changes and tweaks. So I unintentionally had an overhaul on my hands. I'm generally not into adding a whole bunch of stuff just for the sake of it but I feel as though I ended up somewhere in-between. It's a sensitive area, what with the civil war goings on and the NPC pathing. Overall, I've attempted to make the Windhelm Bridge have a more lived-in and stately look, while still retaining some of that trademark Nord grit. Nords are tough, but they ain't complete uncultured savages. You'll find Nordic themed additions, rest areas for the guards, a shrine to Talos, and various fortifications. It's generally for OH & S friendly, with the chance of fallling to your gruesome death minimised with worksafe fencing and railing. And And Mini-Catapults! Although they're just statics. In fact, most objects are added as statics - no free for all here.

I also use the excellent
 Better City Entrances and both mods are intended to complement each other, with BCE covering more of the exterior area and some stuff in the rooms under the bridge. It's strongly recommended that you use BCE but it is not required. Screen shots have been taken with it installed.

V1.1 - Now with a grand stone walkway from the Windhelm bridge to the docks!


I've attempted to make this mod as compatible as possible. I don't like mods that are barely compatible with vanilla Skyrim itself, with NPCs endlessly bumping into everything. There are only a couple of minor landscape changes, to remove the ugly grass that clips through the steps to the stables. Other than that this mod only adds objects. I've also taken care to not place anything too much in the way of civil war markers. I had to move to minor spawn points downstairs to accommodate the fireplace but that's it. Mod has been cleaned and checked in xEdit.

Other mods that I use and are compatible:
Immersive Citizens
Carriage & Ferry Travel Overhaul
Tamriel Master Lights
JKs Skyrim
Cutting Room Floor
& Better City Entrances

Not compatible:
City Entrances Overhaul - Windhelm (I assume)
Windhelm Bridge Overhaul
Windhelm Docks Pathways

I can't speak for other exterior lighting overhauls that might edit the area (ELFX Exterior etc) as I don't use them. I've removed some torches that had no light attached to them, added light to some that didn't and jigged a couple of things around to try and accommodate it all without the flickering. There's only so much that can be done in this area. If someone wants to make a patch for one of the overhauls they are welcome to.

As of v1.2, added exterior lighting is removed for the sake of compatibility with lighting mods and because the bridge mesh can't really handle it.

Mods that overhaul the Windhelm interior or the docks area are compatible, unless they make extensive changes to the bridge.


Shouldn't matter too much as it's basically adding objects, so you can load it early. If the another mod overwrites the landscape change no biggie, the little patch of grass by the stable steps will be back and that's all. Mod is flagged as an ESL so won't take up a slot in your load order. Load after Immersive Citizens. 


Honestly don't know. I have a pretty beefy system and no problems. Your results may vary.


If you want the bridge road area to be covered in snow instead of bricks and not have any texture mismatches (regardless if you use this mod or not) you can easily do this yourself. Some Windhelm texture overhauls already replace the relevant ground textures with snow textures, like Noble Skyrim. But if you want to use the snow texture from your landscape retexture mod just grab the &, and rename them to (with relevant normal map):

and copy them into 'textures/architecture/windhelm' file path (ideally add it as a mod in MO2 or whatever you use). There may be more but that seemed enough from what I could see. This will also make your interior Windhelm alrgely covered in snow which looks cool too.

If in any doubt, check out Fluffy Snow, there is an optional file that does this for its snow textures. Just download that and replace all files with your snow texture, renaming it to the relevant name. In the screen shots the snow is from Tamrielic Textures SE 1 - Landscapes. There's no point in me uploading this as you ideally want to do it with your own snow textures, and I wouldn't have permission anyway to cover all the possibilities.

Your mileage may vary depending on what retextures you are using. The guards walking around carrying torches may cause flickering. Probably best just to kill them and throw them off the pretty new bridge. This is my first landscape type mod so be gentle. The Creation Kit is uhh ... yeah.


... to the following mod authors for the use of their assets:

Liam's Clutter Resource Se by LWatson95 
Hallgarth's Resource Dump by Hallgarth
QueenAcademe's Painting & Note Resource (the frames use whatever your riftensiding01 texture is)

Some mods used in the screenshots (recommended):

Windhelm by CleverCharff 4K
Noble Skyrim (cherry picked some of the Windhelm metal & dwemer textures)
Glorious Doors Of Skyrim
Obsidian Weathers
Tamrielic Textures SE 1 - Landscapes
Majestic Mountains (with TT mountain textures)
Better Dynamic Snow
Rustic Reliefs

HAH NPC Overhaul
Requiem - Spellchoices Begone
Requiem - Tempering Overhaul