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transientfaith Modified by Black714

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t's A temporary fix for Miraak Dragonborn Follower by transientfaith. also Combination with my modification mods.
I will add a link if original author update it into Skyrim SE.

Permissions and credits
This is Modified from Original transientfaith mods "Miraak Dragonborn Follower". with some inspiration from another mods. see Description Below...

I Just Extract transientfaith BSA mods and Combine with my own mods to make it Work in Skyrim SE. So it just Temporary add his mods until Original Author Release it for Skyrim SE. and Seperate it with my own Modified mods.

See my old modification mods "Mirrak Dragonborn Follower Modif" For Full Details. 
His Mods Working Well Without SKSE, but we can't setting Miraak Spell via MCM Like (Dragonborn Force, Flame, Frost, Etc).

Simple Description:
  • A Powerful and unique companion. Beat him after "At The Summit of Apocrypha". Works for 1.7 Version. -- transientfaith Mods. Thanks to him.
  • His Spell is Unique, Rapid Fire spell like Chain gun, make him like Spell Master. Also add some more unique spell that Dovahkiin didn't have.  -- Thanks to MyEvergreenHometown mods idea.
  • Stronger Shout and Different Handicap like his own title "The First Dragonborn",  -- Thanks to Ozram Shout Setting.
  • His Face Looks Like Half Dragon when he return into Tamriel, -- Thanks to Kampfsteak Texture and Template.
  • Final Battle With "Gigantic Luker" will be harder, With The Last and First Dragonborn fight together it will be Easy.
Since SKSE doesn't support for SE yet, so we can change the stats via console:

Enable Miraak Dragonborn Force : "Set MFMiraakBonusAbDragonForce to 1" | 0 to Disable
Enable Miraak Dragonborn Frost : "Set MFMiraakBonusAbDragonFrost to 1" | 0 to Disable
Enable Miraak Dragonborn Fire : "Set MFMiraakBonusAbDragonFire to 1" | 0 to Disable

Disable Assassination (When Together with Miraak) : "Set MFEnableAssassins to 0" | 1 to Enable


Inspired by:

Optional File Inspired By:
  • Sword of Miraak Longer Reach by Epzaos -- Craftable Miraak Sword from "Miraak Follower" Also have a longer Reach too -- Default transientfaith mods so original one now have a longer reach too...
  • Reduced Miraak Staff Damage but give 3 sec duration. (10pts). Unlimited.

Image and Inspiration for Face from Deviant Art.


See all Modified Mods that I used for Miraak, Also compatible with Skyrim SE :)
Improved Dragon Shouts Modified Originally Created by Ozam (with Miraak Shout Stats). 
Revenge of Enemy (Rebirth Monster 2016) Modified, Originally Created by MyEvergreenHometown.

See Long Description There... :)