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Based on Epic Restoration by Haptly, this mod lets you get out of Daedric quests and even provide an alternate way to complete the Dragonborn DLC without selling out the Skaal.

Permissions and credits
Epic Restoration is a brilliant mod for anyone playing a paladin or cleric type - adding tons of religious spells, a morality system and a few other things that would suit that kind of RP. In my experience, however, I was using it for a unique single feature - that is to say, the option to get out of Daedric quests while playing a heroic character (but not necessarily a holy warrior type). So, since I noticed Haptly had left their permissions open, I decided to make a stipped-down version that only contains the Renounce spell and the quests' alternate ending.

Wait, what does it do?
For those not familiar with Epic Restoration: this mod adds a Restoration spell called Renounce. If you cast it during a Daedric quest, it'll fail it automatically. Beware, cultists nearby may turn against you. 

More specifically:
- it works on all Daedric quests except Vaermina's and Sheogorath's (due to scripting constraints - but since Vaermina has its own alternate ending and Sheogorath's is more trippy than anything, I didn't bother too much with it)
- Renouncing a Daedra does not have any other benefit but your own freedom: you won't get the item or any other prize, only the chance to RP as a character who won't sell their soul to anyone who asks
- you should not wait until the last second to cast Renounce - if you have progressed too far in the quest, the spell won't work and you'll get a notice you're still that Deadra's puppet
- if you have more Daedric quests active at once, it'll fail all of them (so if you want to finish some, you should go ahead as soon as you start them, or at least before picking up more Daedric quests)

Among other things, it allows you to...
- save Vigilant Tyranus: you can both escape the house and everybody lives
- learn the Bend Will shout without sacrificing Storn Crag-Strider. Casting Renounce after Hermaeus Mora has asked you to persuade him, and *before* talking to him, lets you start an alternate quest where you can learn the shout by peeking back in time not unlike you have done at the Throat of the World (and while it does feel you're getting very lucky, it's integrated quite well with the existing lore)

How to find the spell?
You can find a tome in the following locations:
- Whiterun, the Temple of Kynareth, on the bench next to the altar
- Hall of the Vigilants, on one of the benches.
- Markarth, Temple of Dibella, near an altar
- RIften, Temple of Mara, on the main desk
- Solitude, Temple of the Divines, near Stendarr's shrine
Otherwise, you can add it by console (help renounce - player.addspell [whatever number you got earlier]).

Known issue & workaround: 
- The aforementioned alternate path to learn the Bend Will shout requires you to have an Elder Scroll with you. If you have sold it and then got it back, it may not work because the game treats them as different objects. You can fix it by writing this in the console:
player.removeitem 2d513 1
prid 2d4f1
addtocontainer player
This removes the "substitute" scroll and gives you back the original one. 
Thanks to Flo27 for finding it out and sharing it on the original Epic Restoration's page.

- If you use The Choice is Yours, you may not notice when Boethiah's quest becomes active as it'll happen in the background, so you may end up Renouncing it by accident (TY WalksInDreams for letting me know).
If for any reason Boethiah is one of the few Daedra you like, keep that in mind when you reach Level 30 and pay a visit to the sacellum before being snatched by Molag or something. Or use Timing is Everything to have it start at a more convenient moment. 

Update: since version 1.3, Renounce doesn't affect the Thieves' Guild and Dark Brotherhood quests (aka Nocturnal and Sithis' daedric quests).
As explained above, casting Renounce will terminate all active Daedric spells, but while it's easy to complete most individual quest straight away so you can choose which to renounce, guild membership is a long-term committment and you may like to get out of Molag's grasp without pissing off Brynjolf (which makes little sense anyway). So I removed those from the quests affected by casting Renounce. If you want to play a thief but still "renounce" Nocturnal you can use No to Nocturnal (& if you're playing a thief with some moral standard you may like Taking Care of Business too)
The Dark Brotherhood has two alternate paths in vanilla so that shouldn't be a problem (but if you want to walk a more lawful path, Innocence Lost Alternative is the mod you're looking for).

If you want the full-features mod for SSE, you can find it here.

If you want to Renounce the Daedra but still collect a few more items (because you play LotD or just like unique items), you might be interested in these other mods by YT:
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