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It adds the Ring of Namira to Eola's items, so you can loot it from her dead body if you want to take the non-cannibal path.

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The Taste of Death lets you choose your ending: either join the cannibal cult and get Namira's reward, or kill those creeps and give up on the reward. All very reasonable, however a bit frustrating if you play mods like Legacy of the Dragonborn (or otherwise like collecting all sorts of oddities) and yet you want to RP as a good/neutral/bad-but-not-cannibal/cannibal-but-won't-hurt-friendly-people guy. 

The solution? Just loot the ring from Eola's body after you kill her.

Lore-friendliness - well, of course Eola being the Champion of Namira is not canon, however it's not too hard to believe (and less contrived than the solution offered by other mods like Namira for Good Guys, which is why I made it in the first place). Can you really steal it without Namira's thumb-up? Well, Daedric items have ended in various hands over time; now I am not promising that grabbing the ring is a *wise* idea and that Namira won't be pissed at you. RP it as you like. NB: if someone wants to make a mod where Namira sends wannabe-champions after you to retrieve the ring, they have my full approval, it's not something I would make myself, though.

- The only thing this mod does is adding a copy of the ring to Eola's items, it does not touch the original quest, so please install it only if you mean to "fail" The Taste of Death otherwise you would end up with duplicates.
- Since it edits Eola's records, any other mod that alters the same NPC (appearance mods etc) will require a patch. Here's a helpful guide, it's made for different mods but it applies to all conflicts between mods that edit NPCs. Let me know if you need any help.

NEW: alternate version compatible with Diversity; it does not require the main file (it carries over Diversity's edits to appearance, plus it adds the ring), but it requires Diversity as a master.

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