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Adds 32 non-violent spells to the Restoration school. Also overhauls the Daedric quests.

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Epic Restoration adds 32 new spells to the Restoration school, providing 26 new effects.  Additionally, 15 passive abilities and 2 lesser powers can be unlocked by pleasing the gods.  Epic Restoration also overhauls all of the Daedric quests so that you can complete them in 4 different ways for different rewards (see the section on Renounce below.)

~~~ SPELLS ~~~

Low-level spells can be obtained from any spell vendor. Colette in Winterhold has the complete set. Master spells aren't available until after the Restoration Ritual quest is completed. See the Articles tab for longer descriptions.

Turn and Repel work like vanilla, but level with the caster. Bane is a master spell that can be dual cast.

Diagnose reveals a target's stats. Free Soul destroys enemy enchantments. Mend Injury heals severe injuries. Resist Disease, Resist Poison, Cure Disease, and Cure Poison do what you'd expect.

Bloom heals a plant. Preserve heals a corpse. Attract draws nearby people to you. Morphogenesis gives you the powers of animals. Crystallize Sunlight creates soul gems. Evolve makes a creature more powerful. Clone duplicates a creature.

Affinity buffs your animal. Devotion buffs your spouse. Loyalty buffs your housecarl. Motivation buffs your hireling. Valor buffs any warrior. Ingenuity buffs any mage. Finesse buffs any archer. Conviction buffs yourself.

Hear Prayer leads you on a quest chain for a reward. Renounce stops all Daedric quests (see below. Exorcise destroys Daedra and Daedric artifacts. Ascend takes you to Sovngarde. Divine Army buffs entire villages.


The Divine spells require good behavior or they won't work. Additionally, the bonuses unlocked by Renounce and Hear Prayer require good behavior. Also, this mod changes the divine shrines throughout Skyrim so that they also require good behavior.

You'll lose your divine bonuses if:

  • You incur a bounty in any hold.
  • You murder anyone.
  • You join the Thieve's Guild.
  • You become a vampire.
  • You become a werewolf.
  • You accept the bonus from a Black Book.

The gods will forgive you if:

  • You pay off your bounty.
  • You go the the Temple in Solitude, wear the Amulet of Forgiveness found in its alcove, and complete the Penance quest.
  • You drop out of the Thieve's Guild. This requires you to assault a member.
  • You cure yourself of vampirism.
  • You cure yourself of lycanthropy.
  • You exorcise the Black Book that gave you the bonus.

Note that the gods will never forgive the murder of Grelod, because that happens in the name of Sithis. If you join the Dark Brotherhood, you forfeit all divine powers.

You can use TheGremlinlord's Gray Zone for Epic Restoration mod to keep divine powers even if you join the Thieve's Guild or Dark Brotherhood.

~~~ RENOUNCE ~~~

The Renounce spell instantly fails any and all Daedric quests in your quest log.  You won't, of course, get the Daedric artifact from the quest.  You MIGHT, however, get a different reward, if you cast Renounce at the exact right time.

To get the divine reward:

  • Cast Renounce BEFORE doing something evil because a voice in your head told you to.
  • Cast Renounce AFTER your character learns that a Daedric prince is behind the quest.  (In particular, this means you can't renounce Sanguine until the very end of his quest.)
  • Cast Renounce IN FRONT OF worshippers of the Daedric prince in question.
  • Or, cast Renounce IN THE PHYSICAL PRESENCE OF the actual Daedric prince.
  • Cast Renounce WHILE STANDING AT the shrine to the Daedric prince.
  • Cast Renounce AFTER the Daedric prince declares you her champion.

Each of those increases your odds of getting the reward.  Sometimes, you will have to prematurely exit a dialogue tree with a Prince in order to be able to renounce.

Just save a lot, you'll figure it out. Check the "Renounce Spoilers" document in the Articles tab if you can't figure one out.

Note that casting Renounce will fail ALL Daedric quests. That can make it difficult to get all the bonuses if you have multiple quests running at the same time.

You can finish any Daedric quest the vanilla way as well, often without losing your divine bonuses. For instance, the gods don't care if you finish Meridia's quest and use Dawnbreaker to smite undead. You also have the option of Exorcising a Daedric artifact if you complete a quest; doing so will give you a different bonus. So, you now have four options for each Daedric quest:

- Complete the quest normally, and keep the artifact;
- Complete the quest normally, then exorcise the artifact;
- Renounce the quest at the beginning, earning no bonuses;
- Renounce at the proper time, earning a divine bonus.


Just extract the Data folder in the .7z file into your Skyrim folder, same as usual.

If you have Dragonborn, you should also install the Dragonborn patch under "Optional Files". Make sure to load it after you load you the main file. There is a similar patch for Dawnguard.



- This mod is script-heavy, and may slow your perfomance on older machines. (I have a modest rig myself, though, and didn't notice any drop in frame rate.)

- Dragonborn will work, but you should install the Dragonborn patch for best results. Among other things, the patch lets you renounce Hermaeus Mora's bargain to trade a Word of Power for the Skaal's secrets. An alternative quest gives you a lore-friendly way to learn the word.

- Dawnguard will work, but you should install the Dawnguard patch for best results.

- This mod works fine with the Civil War Overhaul. However, other mods that change the Civil War may break the Mend Injury spell (specifically, its ability to heal wounded soldiers in the camps.)

- Mods that add new creatures or plants might not work with the Bloom, Preserve, or Evolve spells.

- Mods that let you have more than one follower won't work with the spells that buff your follower -- those spells use vanilla's follower system, so they won't know about your extra followers.

In general, these spells *might* not work with new content added by other mods. But they will continue to work with vanilla content. There's a Compatibility article in the Articles tab that goes into more gory detail, if you're still worried.

~~~ HISTORY ~~~

Version 1.0 -- original version

Version 1.1
 -- Fixed Hear Prayer so it actually works;
 -- Fixed a bug with Renounce when you cast it after talking to Aventus.
 -- Nerfed the Buff spells so attack damage isn't quite so ridiculous (dual casting doubles damage output instead of quadrupling it)
 -- Also, cleaned with TES5Edit.

Version 2.0

 -- Changed from .ESP to .ESM to allow extensions to support DLC, etc.
 -- New mod to support Dragonborn
 -- New mod to help with upgrading from 1.1 to 2.0

Version 2.1
-- Added Morphogenesis spell
-- Added the Amulet of Forgiveness
-- Added ability to Renounce Nocturnal
-- Rebalanced Sheogorath's reward
-- Rebalanced Free Soul
-- Rebalanced Reunite
-- Fixed bug that could cause master spells not to show up
-- Defeating the Dark Brotherhood is a bit more satisfying
-- Other smaller bug fixes/enhancements


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