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When you gain a level, choose which skills to increase, rather than tediously micromanaging skill gains.

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Static Skill Leveling


Version 2.0 has been released!

This version fixes several bugs, and adds several dependencies. If you are upgrading, you must deactivate the .esp and save, then reactivate the .esp again for it to work properly.

I want to give a big shoutout to fireundubh for his help in refactoring my mod and providing the library functions.

Version 2.1 update:

Because the LibFire and LibMathf libraries are no longer available on the Nexus, and were originally published under the MIT license, I've incorporated them into the main archive as of version 2.1. You no longer need to download the dependencies separately. I'm including the MIT license in my distribution, which you should keep in mind if you would like to create derivative versions of version 2.1 or later. I previously did not specify a license but communicated that the code could be copied and used for any purpose.


This mod adds a fully featured menu where the player can choose which skills to increase after the player gains an experience level.

Have you ever wanted to just simply play the game without micromanaging skill usage? Do you feel forced to modify your behavior in-game to achieve the desired skill increases, perhaps casting practice spells over and over, taking your focus away from actually playing the game? Then this mod may be for you.

When you gain a level, the next time you sleep you will be able to allocate skillpoints to increase your skills. This mod is meant to be used in conjunction with the Experience mod, so that you can progress naturally in your skills by simply adventuring.

The mod is balanced to prevent large skill jumps and clever players gaming the system. There is a detailed description in the 'How it works' section if you are curious about the actual numbers involved. I tried to achieve a skill gain curve that allows for a balanced progression.


  • SKSE (the script uses various SKSE functions)
  • Skill Uncapper (so that using skills does not give any skill progression. This mod is balanced around receiving no skill progression through using skills ) - An alternative is XP Editor, a zEdit patcher which allows you to generate a compatibility patch with adjusted values.
  • Experience mod (not a hard requirement, you can use some other mod that gives player XP. Some of the skill gain limitations I implemented are meant to be in-line with this mod such as skillcaps based on base cap + multiplier + racial bonus )

Libfire and LibMathf dependencies have been incorporated in the main archive. You don't need to download them separately.


  1. Extract the archive to the Data folder, or preferably, use Mod Organizer 2 to install the archive.
  2. If using Uncapper, I recommend using the DLL Plugin Loader to load it, then run the game once to generate an ini config file and then modify the Skill Uncapper ini file to set SkillExpGainMults to 0 like this:
  3. Ensure your Experience ini file has bEnableSkillXP=0 (which is a default) and has the default skillcap related settings:

Please note: If you wish to change skillcap related settings, the settings between Static Skill Leveling and Experience mod must match! The default is a base of 18 and multiplier of 2. If you change it here, you must change it for both mods Here are the property names for Static Skill Leveling:

{This is the base value for the players max skills, default 18}
{This is the number added to the players allowable max every level, default 2}


  • All perk and skill mods (Ordinator, Vampire/Werewolf mods, etc)
  • All UI mods (the default messageboxes are used)
  • Visual mods, Quest mods, etc.
  • Custom Races
  • Mods that change racial skill bonuses


  • Other mods that do the same thing (Gold is XP)
  • Mods that affect skill gain or progression (the mod is balanced around getting no XP from skills)

Compatibility Notes

The mod should be compatible with most other mods. I tried to design my scripts to be smart and not give a damn about a lot of things except the level of the player and the level of their skills. Nothing will likely 'break' this mod, but if you have other mods that affect skill gain the balance could be thrown off.

There were conflicts in older versions with mods that change racial skill bonuses, but that has been fixed in version 2.0

There were some conflicts in older versions with mods that opened the RaceSexMenu after character creation but they have been resolved.

You can use this mod with existing characters. If you use it with an existing character, you will start gaining the appropriate skillpoints when you gain another level - the points will not be backfilled.

How it works

When a new game is created, a quest will start that adds a hidden constant magic effect to the player. The magic effect will have a script attached that tracks the player's current level. When the player awakens from sleep, the game will check if the player has leveled up. If so, they are presented with a menu where they can allocate skill points.

If you choose not to allocate the points, they are saved until the next time you level. You will never lose them. Additionally, the system can handle advancing multiple levels at once.

Skillpoint gains and costs

You gain a base amount of skillpoints per level, plus your player level times a multiplier. These are the default values:

Base skillpoints per level: 15
Player level multiplier: 3

So for example, a player advancing to level 4 would gain 15 + (3*4) = 27 skillpoints.

The cost to level skills increases at skill levels 25, 50, and 75. These are the costs:

Skill levels 1-25: 3 skillpoints
Skill levels 26-50: 5 skillpoints
Skill levels 51-75: 7 skillpoints
Skill levels 75 on: 9 skillpoints

Skill Restrictions

To prevent unnatural large jumps in skill levels, a player can only increase any given skill a default of 5 times per level.

To prevent players from powergaming early on, there is a maximum skill value that is based on player level. The formula is:

 MaxSkillLevelBaseDefault + (CurrentPlayerLevel * MaxSkillLevelMultiplier) + SkillLevelRacialBonus.

Here are the default values:

MaxSkillLevelBaseDefault: 18
MaxSkillLevelMultiplier: 2

To use the default values as an example, a level 3 Nord will have a Two-Handed skill maximum of:
 18 + (3 * 2) + 10 = 34.

The default total maximum skill level is 100.

If you wish to change any of these values you can modify them in the properties of the script attached to the Magic Effect.


  • 2.1 - Added Libfire and LibMathf dependencies to main archive under MIT license
  • 2.0 - Fixed several bugs and implemented compatibility fix for mods that change racial skill bonuses
  • 1.4 - Compatibility Fix for Survival Mod
  • 1.3 - Fixed the help pages
  • 1.2 - Improved compatibility - resolved conflicts with RaceSexMenu and allow use with existing characters
  • 1.1 - Reordered the menus to match Bethesda skill menu ordering
  • 1.0 - Initial release


Please feel free to modify or repackage my mod in any form that you wish. As of version 2.1, this mod is licensed under the MIT license (a very permissive license).


I hope you enjoy using my mod!