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General goods merchants will sometimes pass the weapons and armors you sell them onto bandits. Bandits may equip items sold to general goods merchants.

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!! Bandit Economy has been merged into 'Faction Economy Complete' !!


Ever wonder who buys all those weapons and armors you sell to Belethor? The bandits, of course!

This mod adds a chance that when you sell a weapon or armor to general goods merchants, that item may find its way into the hands of the bandits around Skyrim by chance.

This works for custom enchanted and tempered items, too! I wonder what kind of enchantments you'll sell...


Weapons you sell
may come back to bite you, but if you're able to kill the bandits wielding them, you can cash in selling the item twice. It's like recycling, but bloodier!

In terms of immersion, this will cause the items you sell to have a chance to not simply disappear after being sold. Instead, they may find their way into the hands of bandits! The chance that a merchant 'stows' an item away is generally around 50%, which means items will filter out of existence on average after 1 or 2 sales. Rarely, you'll find an item that you've wiped the blood off of several times.


There is a chance for certain merchants to 'stow away' weapons and armor you sell to them. Stowed items are put into a 'possible bandit gear' chest, which is shared by bandits across Skyrim.

This applies to vanilla-enchanted and unenchanted items only (such as a Glass Sword, or the Masque of Clavicus Vile). Player-enchanted or tempered items will not have a chance to be stowed away. (See Details below)

When their cell loads into the game memory, Bandits have a chance to choose an item from the 'possible bandit gear' chest. Bandits choose according to their weapon class; fighters draw weapons & armor, mages draw staves & robes, archers draw bows & light armor.

Certain merchants are more/less likely to 'stow away' wares. Most merchants have a 50:50 chance of selling gear that ends up in the hands of bandits, but this is different for trustworthy / untrustworthy merchants. (See Merchant list below)

Fences will stow every weapon or armor sold to them
and always make it available for bandits. You may use this to your advantage, to push more deadly or valuable weapons into the hands of the bandits in Skyrim.

Quantity matters, so if you sell 62 enchanted rings, and the merchant stows them away, then you will eventually find those 62 enchanted rings on bandits. When the supply is empty, they will no longer draw them.

Most bandits have around 1 in 3 chance to draw a piece of equipment from the chest. Bosses have around 8 in 10 chance. It's frequent enough to be a solid game dynamic, but not so often as to take the whole game over. You'll notice it changes how you sell your loot, and how you think of bandits.

The following item types can be trafficked by merchants: Weapons, Staffs, Armor, Clothes, Robes, Ammo, Jewelry
Please note that Crossbows will not be chosen by bandits! (The combat AI doesn't know how to fire them.)


Bandit Economy reaches out to 471+ leveled bandit spawns. It does this by editing the base leveled bandit actors, and adding a script directly to them.

There are 2 scripts, one is added to certain merchant chests (see Merchants list) and the other is added to the leveled bandit actor's scripts. The script abstract is below (see Scripts).

You may have incompatibilities if: other scripts are also directly added to the merchant chests, or directly to the leveled bandits.

However any mods that affect merchant appearances should be fine! As well as any mods that add to merchant chests at runtime.

Please post a comment if you do find compatibility issues, and refer to the comments for more.


Custom vendors will need a patch, which is as easy as copying the script to other merchants and setting its properties (see Details).

Immersive Patrols SE Simplified

Legacy of the Dragonborn

Author's Notes

Bandit Economy was inspired by a Reddit post.

As always, please comment your experiences and insights. I recently passed 1,000,000 downloads across all my mods, which is an enormous milestone for an upcoming "late Skyrim age" modder. I invite you to check out my other mods if you haven't already, there are links at the top of this page.

If you enjoy my mods, consider being a Patron.
You can catch me at Twitter for mod previews and progress.
I also contribute to Beyond Skyrim: Cyrodiil, and occasionally have a beer with Twitch chat while pushing forward on level design.

Custom Items (Enchanted and Tempered)
Player-enchanted or tempered items are not available for this system, as they use a unique 'item change list' property which is inaccessible to SKSE. Instead, they will be sold normally to the merchant, with no chance to be stowed.

Scripts - There's only two!

  • tc_DivertToResellChest / Attached to merchant chests
    • OnItemAdded, there is a variable chance that the item will be moved to a 'possible bandit items' container. This happens immediately after the item is sold, and prevents buyback. A message is sent notifying the player.
  • tc_GetItemFromChest / Attached to leveled bandit actors
    • OnLoad, there is a 30-80% chance they will draw an item from the 'possible bandit items' container, depending on their class. This is in addition to their regular weapons and armor. They get one item.
    • The item they obtain is based on their RPG class, so one-handed melee bandits will get an axe, mace, or sword; archers will get bows; mages will get staves.

Merchants (chance to send to 'possible bandit items' chest)
  • Belethor's General Goods Store (70%)
  • The Pawned Prawn (80%)
  • Gray Pine Goods (60%)
  • Bits and Pieces (30%)
  • Sadri's Used Wares (60%)
  • Arnleif and Sons Trading Company (70%)
  • Riverwood Trader (50%)
  • Birna's Oddments (50%)
  • Enthir at College of Winterhold (60%)
Market Stalls & Travelling Merchants
  • Marise Aravel (Riften) (60%)
  • Grelka (Riften) (60%)
  • Brand-Shei (Riften) (30%)
  • Aval Atheron (Windhelm) (60%)
  • Niranye (Windhelm) (60%)
  • Ahkari (50%)
  • Ma'dran (50%)
  • Ri'saad (50%)
Fences(100% chance for all)
  • Tonilia
  • Mallus Maccius
  • Gulum-Ei
  • Niranye
  • Endon
  • Enthir
  • Atahbah
  • Ma'jhad
  • Zaynabi

Cheats - Change what's in the 'possible bandit items' chest at any time!
You can use the console command 'coc tcresellchests' to visit the chest location. Changing the items available is as easy as adding or removing items from the chest!



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