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An old Nord warrior longing for Sovngarde, cursed by beast blood.
Custom voice.

Permissions and credits

Yngvarr is an old Nord warrior, once a Companion he lives now secluded in the Velothi mountains, determined to overcome the curse of the Bear and longing to still find a way to Sovngarde.

Custom voiced using and editing Kodlak Whitemane's voice and unused dialogue.

  • Comes with own bear mount Bjarni.
  • Uses own follower framework.
  • 2 handed warrior.
  • Uses custom Battlecry.
  • Last effort: transforms into a Werebear only when he is bleeding-out.
  • Strong beard growth
  • Catch up/Get behind on weapon-draw
  • 2 handed trainer
  • 2 optional lesser power spells: Summon/Transform found in Yngvarrs Hall
  • Version 1.5 added a Cure Quest it can get started after Kodlak has been cured
  • After the Cure he will get a Berserker Rage ability

Uses whatever hair, scar, mouth texture You have installed.


"Yngvarr's Hall" near Kagrenzel.



Soft Requirement:
High-res tintmask config for SKSE

for armor:
-Rustic Clothing 
-aMidianBorn Nordic Carved 

This makes hair match beard and brows and prevents being too bright:
-Superior Lore-Friendly Hair (rough version)

Can customize werebear with blind eye and grey fur:

Since the game scales every npc above or below base height to 1.0 when interacting with the world or animations are played. Be aware that animations won't match exactly anymore with this (for example hovering hands)
-Universal Race Scale Remover

Place below any follower framework and don't manage with it.

Extract contents to Skyrim/Data/ folder.

Remove Yngvarr_Follower.bsa, Yngvarr_Follower.esp from Skyrim/Data/ folder.


Khord -The Lost Dwemer- by Dividedbythe9s
SC - Men Faces by ShinglesCat
HPM - High Poly Male Meshes by Austinlyle0 and Nymphetta
SkySight Skins by fadingsignal
Brows by Hvergelmir
Beards by Hvergelmir
Skyrim highpolyheads by Erik
Van Gogh's Eyes by Gearhog
Real Woman of Skyrim by Gearhog
XCE - Warpaint and Dirt by Xenius
How to make a mount for Skyrim - SIMPLE VERSION by starjacker0
Invisibility and Eyes Mesh Fix by HHaleyy
Better Battle Cry - Male by ibriqi
XP32 Maximum Skeleton Extended by Groovtama
Heavy Nordic Armor by NordwarUA
Amulets of Skyrim by UNI00SL
Dynamic Clothing System by TheDalbak18
Eyes AO Clipping Fix by Artsick
PockyPunk1 for texture help
Thank you all!

Yakitori Audio Converter


by Ikari starts at 7:35


Preset? Where is the beard from?

No. To clarify, since this its getting asked and asked again: the beard was made by Dividedbythe9s, go check out the great follower "Khord - The Lost Dwemer"
You have to set Khord's beard playable in the Creation Kit.


Maybe later with whatever textures you use. 1 2

Will he be able to get cured?

Version 1.5 added a Cure Quest it can get started after Kodlak has been cured

If he still won't wear other armor?

You can try "Simple Outfit Manager" or remove his default clothes via showinventory drop xxxxxxx(outfit id for YngvDefaultClothes and shoes)

Used on screenshots:
Snapdragon ENB
Rudy ENB
LH's HD Face scars
Oldman Hood found in Yngvarrs Hall

Known Issues:
-As a Werebear he will sometimes retreat from higher leveled enemies, it looks like this behavior is hardcoded and i can't influence it
-Old armor clipping (will maybe redo it someday)
-Transform back to human animation not playing (there is no transform back to human idle for werebear, will likely stay this way, since using a substitute only created more issues)