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Patch to fix a game breaking bug between Legacy of the Dragonborn - Creation Club Patches and Complete Replica Fixes for Legacy of the Dragonborn.

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I recently encountered a bug between Legacy of the Dragonborn - Creation Club Patch Hub and Complete Replica Fixes for Legacy of the Dragonborn.

Short version: Basically, some replicas of certain items won't display properly, and even worse seem to break Legacy's auto-sorting display system.

Long version: I tried to display a replica of the Lord's Mail (from Legacy's quest 'Shattered Legacy'). The replica wouldn't display for some reason. After some experimentation I found out that none of the replicas from the Visage set (also from the quest Shattered Legacy) were displayable, while the originals were. This is a problem because some displays such as the Lord's Mail are only displayable through replicas (unless you use the console). Even worse, I discovered that after I fast traveled and came back, the display prep station and the display drop off set no longer automatically displayed ANY items at all, even the ones that I had previously displayed. It may be possible that this bug is triggered by other items you can display in the Hall of Heroes too. 

Essentially, whichever script auto sort items seems to break completely, meaning that displays in Hall of Heroes and Armory (which can be placed through the display prep station and not manually) would permanently remain incomplete. I tried to resolve this bug and eventually understood that it's an issue with the FormIDs of the two mods mentioned above. Complete Replica Fixes uses different FormIDs than LOTD Creation Kit Patches, and somehow that results in this bug. I fixed up the FormIDs through xedit, and now everything seems to be working fine. 

Note: I'm a complete novice at making patches, using xedit, creation kit, etc. While I'm 99% certain this patch shouldn't cause any problems, I can't guarantee that it's perfect. If you encounter any bugs with this patch, idk how much help I'll be able to give. So just a fair warning beforehand.


I tested it with Mod Organizer 2, works fine. Vortex should be no different. Idk if the process is any different for manual installation or for NMM, you're on your own for those. 


DBM_CC_ReplicaPatch.esp (optional file available on the Complete Replica Fixes page. Not needed, but I would recommend having it)
CreationClubCompleteReplicasPatch.esp (this patch)

The above load order should work fine but if you want to be extra sure move CreationClubCompleteReplicasPatch.esp near the bottom of your load order or at least after any other mods that modify Legacy or the creation club.


Unless Legacy, or its creation club patches or Complete Replica Fixes change the FormIDs they use, this mod should remain compatible forever. Should be fine with any other mod, drop a comment if you find a different incompatibility. 

Last checked against Legacy v.5.57, LOTD Creation Club Patch Hub v.5.13 and Complete Replica Fixes v.1.08.

Please install this patch. I had to sacrifice my 800 displays playthrough because of this bug and I wouldn't want anyone to go through the same thing.