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A new swanky look for the famous Dragonborn Museum. This mod changes the way the Dragonborn Museum looks and feels.

Permissions and credits
What This Mod IS

Legacy of the Dragonborn has changed the way many of us play Skyrim, and for the betterment of us all. I have enjoyed the Dragonborn Museum for a few years now, and due to my profession as an architect, I have always wanted to remodel the place to suit my architectural and aesthetic vision. 

Take a look at the images for a preview of what's in store for you, but experiencing the newly renovated space is the only true way to take it all in.

Lastly, this mod is intended to be used with the full Anniversary Edition but does not have to be. I have provided a separate patch found in the optional files if you are using the Hall of Wonders addon.

Version 0.1.6-beta is a Proof of Concept version and I continue to develop a full version that is friendly with lighting mods as well as the more popular Legacy of the Dragonborn mods including anything that is officially supported. Keep an eye out for updates.

What This Mod Is NOT

This mod is not an attempt to change anything about how Legacy of the Dragonborn works.
  • While some display plaques, pedestals, and backdrops look different now, NO DISPLAY FUNCTIONALITY HAS BEEN TOUCHED in any way.
  • NO quests or any other story or immersion related content has been altered.
  • This is not an attempt to belittle or diminish the style of the original Dragonborn Museum. I love the original, but like many buildings and homes I have lived or worked in over my 50 years, I was desperate to update and renovate (and have been doing so a little at a time for over a year).

Download and install the main file using any mod manager of your choice. Choose the Halls of Wonder Patch if you are using Anniversary Edition content and the Legacy of the Dragonborn - Creation Club Patch Hub mod.

0.1.6-beta: Both main mod and Hall of Wonders patch are cleaned and ESL flagged,

Credits and Information

This mod is the foundation:
Legacy of the Dragonborn  (Required) by icecreamassassin 
Thanks to icecreamassassin for permission to use and repath the meshes to make this mod possible.

Parts of the following mods were used in the creation of this mod:
Skyland - Solitude (Some textures were used and/or altered) by Skyking2020 PERMISSION PENDING
Mrf's Solitude (Some textures were used and/or altered) by 794742233 PERMISSION PENDING
Extravagant Interiors - Solitude (Some textures were used and/or altered) by Grumbledoook PERMISSION PENDING
Permission from these mod authors has been requested. In the case it is not provided, accommodations will be made to remove the offending textures and replace them with a suitable alternative.

The following mods are optional and have been tested to be compatible:
Legacy of the Dragonborn - Creation Club Patch Hub by icecreamassassin - Hall of Wonders Stairs have been fixed, does not require other mods for this.
Legacy of the Dragonborn - Safehouse Plus by icecreamassassin

The following mods are NOT compatible at this time:
Legacy of the Dragonborn Plaques Retextured
Legacy of the Dragonborn - Hall of Wonders Main Staircase Fix
Legacy of the Dragonborn - Player Homes Displays

Note: The texture paths have been changed so Solitude texture overhauls WILL NOT change the look of the Dragonborn Museum if this mod is used.

Please DO NOT contact the Legacy of the Dragonborn team with any issues as this is not an officially supported mod. Direct all questions and issues to me.

If Legacy of the Dragonborn - Fixes and Tweaks or any optional mods on that page are used, allow my mod to overwrite them. This will ensure you have the correct meshes and textures for Museum Renovations. The fixes and tweaks mod overwrites a great number of the meshes and my updates will be lost.

The following mods are recommended and will enhance the experience:
RUGNAROK - Special Edition
PELTAPALOOZA - Special Edition