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This mod adds expands the vanilla Alchemy skill and turns it into a more witcher oriented skill by adding witcher alchemy (separate from vanilla alchemy), magical Signs and benefits to using steel and silver swords. VERSION 2.0 OUT NOW!

Permissions and credits
The SSE version of the awesome Witchery Skill mod by DavidTheFalcon, ported with his permission.
You can check the original mod here.

What it does is expand the vanilla alchemy tree with a over 20 new perks based on The Witcher game series. It also adds the famous witcher sings as powers for your character to use.

If you find any bugs, I'll try to fix them!

Attention: This mod already contains the monsters from Mihail Cockatrices, Basilisks, Griffins, Rotten Maidens, Leshens and Nekkers, Necrophages, Hym, Arachas, Vampire Beasts and Wraith. (You don't need the original mods)

Description (from the original mod page)

Witchery Skill (Vanilla Alchemy Expander) introduces witcher-style perks and because a witcher's life is a lot about potions and elixirs, the Alchemy skill was the perfect skill for those perk. It was renamed to "Witchery" and turned into a more witcher-oriented skill by adding witcher alchemy (separate from vanilla alchemy), magical Signs and witcher combat perks which mainy benefit from using steel and silver swords. It is called expander instead of replacer because all original Alchemy perks are still there - they were just adjusted a little to work flawlessly within the overhauled perk tree which contains over 20 all new witcher-style perks divided (more or less) into 3 branches added in addition to the original vanilla branch.


Changes in Version 2.0


Perk Tree (from the original mod page)



Credits Version 1.0

DavidTheFalcon for creating the original mod.
LorSakyamuni - The Witcher 3 Mega Resource Pack.  

Oaristys - Modder's Resource PackModder's Resource Pack - The Witcher ExtensionThe Witcher 3 Weaponry.
- The meshes and textures converted from the Witcher games are owned and copyrighted by CD Projekt
- Andrzej Sapkowski - for creating The Witcher.
Bethesda Game Studios - for some of the best games we play.

Credits Version 2.0

- DavidTheFalcon for Creating the original mod
- LorSakyamuni - The Witcher 3 Mega Resource Pack
- Oaristys - Modder's Resource Pack, Modder's Resource Pack - The Witcher Extension
 MihailMods - Wraiths, Necrophages, Hym, Leshens and Nekkers, Vampire Beasts, Hym, Arachas, Griffins, Basilisks, Cockatrices, Rotten Maidens.
- CD Projekt Red for it's meshes and textures.
-For the Power Stones assets: mannygt
-For the Yrden Spell activator and explosion assets, and base scripts: powerofthree
-For helping me with scripts: IsharaMeradinReDragon2013Omegacron
-For the Feline Mastercrafted Armor: OperatorCactus
-For the "Witcher Armour and Shields SSE" assets:  TH3WICK3D1, lord0fwar, redxavier, Afro, herdustisverypretty