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Powerful pincers, a maw filled with razor-sharp teeth, venom glands packed with deadly toxins, an armored body with traits of crab, spider and plant, this makes the Arachas a dangerous type of Arachnoid. This family is composed by spider-like creatures, commonly with elemental powers and camouflage capacity to ambush preys.

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The Arachas are a type of Arachnoid, this family is composed by armored spider-like creatures, with traits of arachnids and crustaceans, commonly with elemental powers and camouflage capacity to ambush preys.

 Powerful pincers, a maw filled with razor-sharp teeth and venom glands packed with deadly toxins — these elements constitute the arachas' deadly arsenal. Since people and farm animals make up an important part of these creatures' diet, Arachas are feared by the people that live close to the falkreath woods where they live.

Once native to far away provinces such as valenwood, black marsh and elsweyr, this invasive species migrated north over the course of ages, adjusting themselves to the new climates and temperatures. In Skyrim, they found damp pine woodlands most hospitable and made them their home, making use of the mossy caves found there as hideouts during specially cold months.

At first glance, a stationary arachas often looks like a part of the forest undergrowth, a fact it uses to deadly advantage when hunting. Their natural camouflage make them look half-animal half-plant, with flower-like and tuber-like appendices growing up on their bodies. Some also have heavy colorfull shells.
When ready to attack, an Arachas usually begins a battle by spitting venom by surprise,
then it tries to grab its prey with its crushing pincers.

Commonly found in groups, with a big Arachas as leader (commonly an Armored Arachas or Venomous Arachas), 1 or 2 common Arachas and 2 or 3 small Young Arachas, and an ambushed victim must be carefull, since they can easelly surround her by surprise. One should be specially carefull with the Venomous Arachas, because while all them are able to spit acid, the Venomous one spits poison, much more deadlier. Also it's necessary to be specially carefull while dealing with the Armored Arachas, slower and much heavier, they jump on their victims with their extremely heavy shells, and crush them with their weight.

- 1 new creature: Arachas
4 variants:
Young Arachas
Armored Arachas
Venomous Arachas

with new sounds, behaviour, effects, loot

Mihail- re-modelling, mounting of the variants using the re-modeled original
parts, animations, effects, loot, sounds and game implementation

Some assets used on this mod belong too:
CD PROJEKT RED - original model parts and textures