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Basilisks are horrible flying chimeras resembling giant poisonous serpents with feathered heads and wings, a giant scorpion-like tail and a paralyzing spit. They are created by powerfull alchemists, initially only on Valenwood, but this dangerous practice has spread rapidly through tamriel

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First mentioned on the "Pocket Guide to the Empire", Basilisks are horrible flying chimeras resembling giant poisonous serpents with feathered heads and wings, and a giant scorpion-like tail. Thet are created by powerfull alchemists,
initially only on Valenwood, but this dangerous practice has spread rapidly through tamriel.

The process is clouded in mistery, but is known that they born of eggs laid magically by male snakes consorting with other male snakes. The egg must be incubated for forty-four days by a rooster, which is devoured by the little beast as soon as it hatches, but certainly the process is much more complex. As you can see, the process is exactly the opposite of the one used to create cockatrices. 

Legends tells that Basilisks hates everything that lives so fiercely that its glance turns the living to stone and that only a bold adventurer with a mirror can deflect its deadly gaze and defeat the beast, but these are just legends, even though based in a fact, the venon spited by Basilisks not only poisons you, but also paralizes their victim.

They also do not shun direct fights, in which they strike furiously with wing and tail in an attempt to exhaust their foes. The wings have enormous spurs that are very poisonous. Bites are also dangerous, due to their poisonous sharp teeth.
But their biggest weapon is the scorpion like tail, with a specially venomous poison on the stinger on the end of it.

They're smaller and weaker than a Dragon or Griffin, and about the same size of a Cockatrice, but very fast on air and land. As mentioned before, they occur commonly in Valenwood, created by bosmer alchemists, but nowadays they can be encountered in skyrim too, in small numbers, specially in the swamps of morthal, and on other provinces of Tamriel.

- 1 new creature: Basilisk

with new sounds, behaviour, spells and loot

- The last Skyrim Update

- DLC Hearthfire
- DLC Dawnguard
- DLC Dragonborn


Mihail- basilisk model, textures, animations, sounds,
loot, effects, game implementation
the feathered wings of the beast are a re-modeled and re-texturized version
of the cockatrice wings from my cockatrice mod to make them both look similar

Some assets used on this mod belong too:
CD PROJEKT RED- since they are the counterpart of the cockatrices, and i used
cd projekt red models for cockatrices mod, i used the cockatrices wings (but modified by me)
for the wings of my basilisk, as mentioned before, to make both variants look similar