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Created twisting the human nature infusing it with forbidden forces, Leshens are abominations created in an attempt to replicate the Bosmer Wild Hunt from previous eras. Resembling the fearsome Old Gods of the Hunt, also known as Ancient Leshens, this lesser Leshens haunt the woods where they were created, followed by pesky groups of Nekkers.

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In previous eras, Leshens were known as one of the most fearsome types of Wild Hunt beasts. Nowadays, the few remaining Leshens from the past eras are a very rare and dangerous sight across Tamriel. This Ancient Leshens are long time integrated to the nature and calmed their natures a little bit, living no more in a rampage for indiscriminated killing, but still being a fearsome oponent when encountered. Now they act more like nature guarding entities, having lost their initial belic proposal of creation, when powerfull ancient bosmer turned into them to spread vengeance against their enemies. And the few remaining Ancient Leshens are known nowadays by the folks of Tamriel with names such as Woodland Spirits or Old Gods of the Hunt (check my Old God of the Hunt mod).

But the Bosmery Wild Hunt allways evoked interest in many groups involved with the magical
forces of the wildworld, and some specific individuals tried to reproduce by their own means
the wild hunt transformation in order to become themselves Leshens, and some indeed achieved
that, specially the Forsworn and some Druids. This young creatures are smaller than the
ancient ones, and still retain more human proportion and traits, but are much more unstable
than their Ancient Leshen counterparts. They are weaker too, but still formidable oponents.

Hagravens commanded some experiments with Forsworn Briarhearts to transform 
them into new "Old" Gods of the Hunt. This "new gods" (an evolution of the Forsworn)
would be the trump card to the forsworn cause against the nords, but since hagravens
don't exactly have the knowledge regarding the exact methods of the bosmer, and because
the impossibility to maintain stable a wild hunt beast, the experiment produced half good,
half bad, results, to them and their cause: the created Leshens retain rationality, but are highly
unstable, and enter frequently in rampages of anger and destruction, killing
several forsworn and hagraven on the past, untill returning to a calm state.

They resulted so dangerous to their own people, that all of them ended leaving their camps
(by their own will or exiled) to live alone on the wild, each one in one area, commonly not
far away from forsworn camps, but with no much contact, what makes them go deeper on the bestiality.
These forsworn type is known as the most powerfull variant of Leshens (excluding the Ancient ones).

The other variant is created using druidic methods, and the druids in the middle of the process of transformation are known as Grottores. These Leshens are more conected to the nature, and their appearance change according to the kind of forest they were created, so, the type of Leshen from fall forests will mirror the kind of flora that blooms there, while a Leshen that roams the pinewoods will mirror the evergreen flora. They can be encountered roaming these deep woods and will not exitate to ambush travelers and hunters.

Leshens can raise giant roots from the ground, to whip their preys, also they can turn invisible to ambush them, summon flocks of crows, and strike with their giant powerfull claws made of wood.

Due to their unstable behaviour, commonly animals do not approach them, so, while Ancient Leshens command bears, wolves, and are followed by Spriggans, this Leshens frequently end killing the animals that they tamed previously, when they start a new insane killing rampage. Due to that fact, you will commonly encounter them being followed only by groups of Nekkers.

Nekkers are just lesser daedras from the Hunting Grounds of Hircine, and the ones agile,
small and smart enough to live with Leshens being able to avoid their unpredictable rampages.
Despite that, sometimes some of them also end being food to the beast as well. They're carrion eaters
and oportunist hunters, that will ambush hunters not worthy to chaase prey on the realm of their Prince.

Nekkers rarely attack alone, they tend to be found in groups near a Leshen. Individual nekkers
are weak, easy targets compared to other monsters, but Nekkers do not tend to fight as individuals.
If you see one, expect for 5/6 more. Nekkers overwhelm their targets through sheer
numbers, surrounding them, then pummeling and clawing victims to death. 

Nekkers are led by chieftains. These are larger and mark their faces with red clay and acessories.
Chieftains give orders, turning a wild band into an organized unit, thus they should be eliminated first.
The nekkers' basic tactic is to strike en masse. Though primitive, the tactic is surprisingly effective.
One must be ready to repel many foes at once - in direct combat the fast style is best suited to this,
or area powerfull spells. As with other agile creatures, running from nekkers is not the best idea,
for the monsters will catch up to their prey and swiftly kill it with multiple hits of their claws.

A nekker groups is divided in various classes of nekkers, soldiers, beaters, crawlers, warriors, etc, and they can craft primitive acessories, what shows some type of intelligence similar to men and mer, but much primitive. Despite that, they were never seen using weapons,

Also a group of nekkers created a big tribe on the Mammoth Graveyard, west of Loreius Farm, on the Pale.

- 1 new beast- Leshen (in 3 variants)
with custom behaviour, sounds, effects, loot

- 1 new daedra from hircine - Nekker
in 6 variants- common, crawler, beater, soldier, warrior and chief
with custom behaviour, sounds, modified skeleton and loot

-leshen camps - in remote places, close to forsworn settlements


Mihail- re-modelling of the leshens, nekkers and crows models, part of the nekkers outfits,
parts of the fallforest leshen model and textures, animations,
effects, loot, sounds, leshen camps, game implementation

Some assets used on this mod belong too:

CD PROJEKT RED - original leshen and
nekker model and textures
RoboBirdie- the sabrecat skull used
as helmet by the nekker chief
Hendrix- for the original crow model and texture (released as public domain 
on ZT2 Round Table, initially for mods made for the game Zoo Tycon 2)