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Necrophages were once rarities, but in the present age of constant warfare and violence, these carrion eaters have become a veritable plague, particularly around battlefields. Voracious servants of Namira, they live in groups of 4 to 6 rotfiends and 1 or 2 scurvers, led by a more powerfull Necrophage, commonly a dread large Bullvore.

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For Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ): 

Necrophages are carrion-eater daedras that serve the daedric prince Namira. On Nirn they
generally haunt cemeteries and battlefields, places where corpses lay dead, to eat their remains.
Some, however, have decided to have no qualms about being the ones who fill the area
with corpses instead of being just carrion crows feasting on the already dead.

Necrophages were once rarities, but in the present age of constant warfare and violence they have
become a veritable plague, particularly around battlefields and in disease-stricken areas. They're attracted
by the smell of the carrion, and because that various nobles used to hire mages to create Penitents
(other mod), by enslaving the souls of sinners, in order to guard their family cemeteries. But as
mentioned before, nowadays with civil conflicts between the empire and the stormcloak all across the province, and the forsworn rebels crisis, necrophages started to left the cemeteries and caves in order
to feast on the bigger suplies of fresh human meat produced by the battlefield casualties.

They live in small groups of 5 to 6 necrophages, commonly Rotfiends and 1 or 2 Scurvers, led by a more powerfull necrophage, commonly a Male Bullvore or Bullvore Matriarch. They find a place when a battle recently has happened, then they grab all the corpses laying on the ground on the area, moving them to an unique spot, to create a huge body pile, from where they gradually will eat.
Necrophages will attack on sight everyone who approachs these nests, not avoiding alive meat. The only exception would be the case of dark wizards powerfull enough to tame the beasts.

They are so vicious, that neither common carrion eaters like vultures and crows will try to approach the nests. Also lesser Necrophages like Ghouls or Alghuls (other mods) avoid to live with them, due to the umpredicable behaviour of beasts like Bullvores or the Scurvers. A weak necrophage like a ghoul could end dead at the claws or acid of this greater necrophages, if one of them enters in a rampage of fury.

Necrophages seems to be completely unbound on their existence on Nirn, since it's very rare to see a mage summoning them in battle or controlling them in some way. Scholars believe that they enter the mortal world through dark portals hidden in the deepest dark caves of Skyrim, opened by the most profane type of evil cultists, and linked to the Scuttling Void, the daedric realm of Namira, from where the necrophage abominations come from.

In this mod you will find several varieties of the Rotfiend, a relatively weak necrophage, not a big deal to a medium lvl character alone, but that can be a treat in small groups, since despite being relatively weak, they are fast and vicious.  Rotfiends resemble decomposing human bodies that have been stripped of their skin. Their presence is given away by the overwhelming stench of the rot which gives them their name. 
Their speed, which is more than a match for a horse at full gallop, may receive care when
fighting them. The bloated ones are able to spit rotten blood.

Scurvers are Rotfiends' cousins. The bodies of these hideous, vaguely humanoid, daedra are covered in rotten scraps of flesh, under which lurk even more rotten muscles stretched around a strong, flexible skeleton. Scurvers, which commonly feed on old, rotting corpses, prefer to make their hunting grounds in abandoned torture sites, forgotten graveyards, and old battlefields, but sometimes they are seem leading rotfiends outside searching for fresh carrion too. They are very aggressive and, though they feed on corpses, if they come across a living person they are likely to attack. While fighting them one cannot forget about their special boney spines, razor sharp protuberances sticking out from their skeletons. They are able to shoot these boney spines into their victims in large numbers and high speed. They also spit acid.

The bullvore can be compared to a giant heap of muscles constrained by a sack of hard, elastic skin.
It's head is that of a buffalo's, yet it's mouth is filled with sharp teeth adapted to rending flesh.
They posess a very large brain inside their big heads, what makes them really smart beasts, not just
brute force as they may look like initially. This intelligence makes them excelent commanders for
packs of other necrophages, 
and they are often seen leading rotfiends and scurvers. 
Their skin is tough, so they easily shrug off weaker blows. A bullvore can kill slower opponents with
the sheer momentum of its terrible charge, that will stagger you for a considerable moment. One
should wait for this attack and dodge it, as immediately after it rushes forth and misses, the
bullvore will be stunned and thus defenseless. And the bullvore uses one more trick,
a terrifying weapon against swifter foes: it vomits filth that is terribly caustic. 
A larger and stronger variant do exist, non-horned and with pale skin, called Bullvore Matriarch.

When a Necrophage is near death, the gasses and enzymes gathered within its body cause it to explode, flinging these rotten bowels, turning them into one last deadly weapon in their arsenal.
Despite being daedra, Necrophages seems to be also vulnerable to the things that
affects the undead, maybe because their rotten nature.

Other necrophages do exist and are not included in this mod, such as Volatiles, Carnages, Devourers, Alghuls, Ghouls, Drowners, Graveirs, Screamers, Wulvers, Wendigos, Cemetaurs, and others, but are not included in this mod due to the fact that they live and hunt in completely different places and not close or related with the behaviour of the most common Necrophages, so, they will be matter for other releases.

- lots of varieties of necrophages
(various types of rotfiend, 1 type of scurver and 2 types of bullvore)

- they have new sounds, behaviour, magic effects, explosion,
spells and loot, also new in world object (corpse piles)


Mihail- re-modelling and some texture working on the rotfiends and scurvers, part of the
model of the bullvores, re-modelling of the other part, part of the textures, some texture
work on the other part of the textures, animations, effects, sounds, loot game implementation

Some assets used on this mod belong too: 

CD PROJEKT RED- original rotfiend and scurver models and textures,
parts of the bullvore model and textures, also the model of the corpse pile
LorSakyamuni and  Oaristys - porting and conversion of the model and texture
of the corpse pile used as world object on the necrophage nests