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/ᐠ. ᴗ.ᐟ\ Ordinator mutated and now has flaccid Vokrii appendages.

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What's this?
Always been a fan of sprawling skill systems in games. Ordinator was a perfect fit for me for Skyrim. I like the approach of how just making your numbers bigger isn't the only way to become a better character. People consider it senseless obfuscation; I view it as necessary characterization of my Dovahkiin since Bethesda has lapsed in that regard.

Vokrii, though, just had many good things in it that makes it worth using over Ordinator for some. Not me though, but there are stuff in it that made my kokoro go doki-doki. 

This mod integrates a number of perks from Vokrii in Ordinator trees, ones I think the latter can benefit from. Also, I didn't touch balancing, only that the perks are in the same trees as their parent mods and that they work (hopefully). 


waiting for adamant sex

Vokriinator Black - Updated some Block perks (Stunning Strike/Wallop/Bear the Wall) from Adamant with their more recent Effect records
Vokriinator Black - Changed Empire Builder Effect conditions to MAG_MagicInfluenceCourage. Enai needs to update the Vokrii - Mysticism perk too.
Vokriinator Black, Odin patch - Changed Empire Builder Effect conditions to MAG_MagicInfluenceCourage.
Vokriinator Black, Odin patch - Removed deprecated KYWD in Empire Builder perk.

The order you see here is a strict requirement and must be followed. This will ensure that your game actually starts and that the perks Ordinator spreads to NPCs are still applied.

Vokriinator Black: Requires Ordinator + Ordinator - Combat Styles - ESL + Vokrii - Mysticism patch + Vokrii + Path of Sorcery + Adamant + Mysticism + SPERG
Load Order:
  • Mysticism - v2.3.1 (no issues updating to the latest version)
  • SPERG - v1.8
  • Adamant - v5.8.3 (no issues updating to the latest version)
  • Path of Sorcery - v2.7
  • Vokrii - v3.8.2
  • Vokrii - Mysticism 2 patch (in Vokrii's page) - v3.8.0
  • Ordinator - v9.31.0
  • Ordinator - Combat Styles - ESL - v1.08
  • Vokriinator Black 

Vokriinator: Requires Vokrii and Ordinator.
Load Order:
  • Vokrii - v3.8.2
  • Ordinator - v9.31.0
  • Vokriinator 

General Usage Notes and Insights for Mods Used:
Use this nifty perk calculator made by thehajo to theorycraft builds! - Vokriinator Black Perk Caculator

Number of Perks
Vokriinator Black has a lot of things added. I have to recommend the 25-50-100 skill level bonus perk points mod from Ordinator's download page. I think it gives enough points to spread around without dumping them on you out of the blue. I use it with Smart Training Tweaks and don't really feel perk starved.

I have disabled the free perks and additional XP gain in some skills.

Unarmed scaling isn't carried over. Ordinator - Iron Fists do it well enough.

Introducing: Vokriinator Black - DAC Improved
Done by Fuzzles and Nightfallstorm. It changes some SPERG perk effects to use DAC when applying them. It's not all encompassing, but it should alleviate some of the spooky stackdumps in the logs. It's not experimental, but I haven't played with it for an extended time yet, but it's made by people who actually know how to mod so...
Requires: Dynamic Animation Casting - NG at Skyrim Special Edition Nexus - Mods and Community (nexusmods.com)

It has a lot things that keeps it SPERG. Fortunately, KeiZero helped me make it so that these are disabled at startup. They can still be switched on but I wont provide support for that.

You also don't need the Uncapper setting it has. SPERG doesn't even really need it as well.

Consider switching off SPERG's weapon speed fix (OFF, not disabled) as it's been reported to produce unnecessary stack dumps and might affect the overall health of long-lived saves. I personally use this mod:
Weapon Speed Fix - https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrimspecialedition/mods/32859

SPERG's unarmed tweak's default is off due to the same issue with the weapon speed fix and how hard it is to completely switch off. The mod now uses Adamant's unarmed controller to equip the Unarmed (weapon), so weapon speed perks affect unarmed attacks.

Path of Sorcery:
Reverted Illusion to vanilla/unofficial patch records.

Vokriinator Black - DAC Improved
Done by Fuzzles and Nightfallstorm. It changes some SPERG perk effects to use DAC when applying them. It's not all encompassing, but it should alleviate some of the spooky stackdumps in the logs. It's not experimental, but I haven't played with it for an extended time yet, but it's made by people who actually know how to mod so...
Dynamic Animation Casting - NG 
powerofthree's Papyrus Extender

About patches:
Might need to make, might not. If it changes perks, then I do. Regardless if I made it or not, load it after the Vokriinator/Black .esp.

Apocalypse patch - v9.45.0
All Versions: Requires the Ordinator - Apocalypse patch. Load the appropriate patch lower than it and your Vokriinator choice.

CACO patch - v2.0.1
Vokriinator: Requires Kryptopyr's Ordinator - CACO patch. Load my plugin lower than it.

Vokriinator Black: Requires Kryptopyr's Ordinator - CACO patch. Load my plugin lower than it.
  • Disabled Physician's health regen in favor of Troll Blood.

EDM patch - v1.2.3
Vokriinator Black: Needs the PoS - EDM patch by DrMonops. Load it below the Vokriinator plugin.

Odin patch - v2.0.1
All versions: Requires the Odin - Vokrii patch. Load Odin and the Vokrii patch below the Vokriinator/Black.esp

Pilgrim patch - v1.0.10.1
There are separate version depending if you're playing with Odin, as some blessings confer bonuses to certain types of spells. See below for the needed files and load order (Pilgrim can be placed wherever):

Without Odin:
Choose only the Ordinator patch in the Pilgrim installer
Place below Vokriinator version used (both the Pilgrim patch and the patch from here)

With Odin:
Choose only the Vokrii - Odin patch in the Pilgrim installer
Place below the corresponding Odin patch for the Vokriinator version used

Perks that were integrated:
I have moved the list of perks for Vokriinator/Plus to the Articles tab to lessen clutter.

Vokriinator Black
SPERG - Troll Blood
SPERG - Surgeon
Vokrii - Stimulants (replaces Ordinator version)
Vokrii - Slow Metabolism
Vokrii - Adrenaline (replaces Crimson Haze)
Vokrii - Gourmet

Adamant - Fortification
Adamant - Embroidered Sigils (combined Spell Shield and Resistance in one perk)
Adamant - Bastion (as Mage Armor 2)
Adamant - Mage Robes (Old Adamant perk, less cost when dual casting when wearing robes, renamed to Charged Vestments)
Adamant - Mage Robes (less cost when wearing robes, renamed to Initiate's Charm)
Path of Sorcery - Mage Armor
Path of Sorcery - Spell Charging
Path of Sorcery - Blood Mage
Path of Sorcery - Adaptability
Path of Sorcery - Blood Siphon
Path of Sorcery - Blood to Power
Path of Sorcery - Synergy
Path of Sorcery - Transmutate
Path of Sorcery - Eldritch Energies
Path of Sorcery - Spell Eater
Path of Sorcery - Spell Mastery
SPERG - Spirit Echo
SPERG - Chain Casting
SPERG - Theurgist
Vokrii - Sorceror's Robes
Vokrii - Stability
Vokrii - Ocato's Preparation
Vokrii - Telekinetic Force
Vokrii - Atronach
Vokrii - Arcane Guidance
Vokrii - Hethoth's Escape
Vokrii - Ritualist

SPERG - Ethereal Arrows
SPERG - Knockout
SPERG - Survivalist
SPERG - Power Shot (replaces Pinning Shot)
SPERG - Sniper (renamed to Shadowstick)
SPERG - Headshot (renamed to Overdraw)
SPERG - Kneeshot (renamed to And They All Fall Down)
Vokrii - Point Blank Shot
Vokrii - Breaching Shot

Adamant - Disorienting Bash
Adamant - Stunning Strike
Adamant - Battering Ram (renamed to Bear the Wall)
SPERG - Stalwart Defender
SPERG - Charge!
SPERG - Adventurous Parry (from SPERG - Pickpocket)
SPERG - Blinding Bash (from SPERG - Pickpocket, renamed to Nightwatch Trick)
SPERG - Brutal Bash (renamed to Mule Kick)
SPERG - Retaliation
SPERG - Defensive Stance (renamed to Indomitable)
Vokrii - Unwavering Defense
Vokrii - Weapon Block
Vokrii - Torch Bash
Vokrii - Stoneheart

Path of Sorcery - Gatekeeper
Path of Sorcery - Witch's Familiar
Path of Sorcery - Ghost Dance
Path of Sorcery - Gift of the Master
Path of Sorcery - Arcane Strike
Path of Sorcery - The Relentless
Path of Sorcery - Bonecraft
Path of Sorcery - Ossuary
Path of Sorcery - Ancient Tongues
Path of Sorcery - Crypt Lore
Path of Sorcery - Lord of Bones
Path of Sorcery - Chosen Disciple
SPERG - Soul Reaper
Vokrii - Rift Summoner (replaces Planemeld)
Vokrii - Grand Conjurer (Mysticism patch)
Vokrii - Blood Zombie
Vokrii - Elemental Conflux
Vokrii - Thrall Lord (Mysticism patch)

Adamant - Spell Surge
Path of Sorcery - Catch Fire
Path of Sorcery - Conductivity
Path of Sorcery - Piercing Cold
Path of Sorcery - Augmented Flames
Path of Sorcery - Augmented Frost
Path of Sorcery - Augmented Shock
Path of Sorcery - Elementalist
Path of Sorcery - Chilled to the Bone
Path of Sorcery - Searing Pain
Path of Sorcery - Static Drain
Path of Sorcery - Red Mage (Force of Nature)
Path of Sorcery - Frostborn
Path of Sorcery - Immolate
Path of Sorcery - Seizure
Path of Sorcery - Crown of Winter
Path of Sorcery - Crown of Inferno
Path of Sorcery - Crown of Storms
SPERG - Flame Affinity
SPERG - Frost Aura (replaces Ordinator - Winter Majesty, keeps the name)
SPERG - Feedback
SPERG - Disintegrate
Vokrii - Rune Master (replaces Runecaster)
Vokrii - Hethoth's Disjunction
Vokrii - Elemetal Barrier
Vokrii - Elemental Shield

Path of Sorcery - Resonance
Path of Sorcery - Exemplar
Path of Sorcery - Elemental Might
Path of Sorcery - Overflow
Path of Sorcery - Draconic Infusion
SPERG - Artificer
SPERG - Glittering Prizes (renamed to Reliquary of Myth)
SPERG - Soul Scavenger (renamed to Empowered Binding)
SPERG - Preserver (renamed to Tethered Anima)
Vokrii - Battlemage (Ordinator - Flames of Magnus inherits the conditions)
Vokrii - Power Stone
Vokrii - Scroll Hunter
Vokrii - Defensive Runes
Vokrii - Soul Enchanter
Vokrii - Spider Hunter

Heavy Armor
Adamant - Conditioning (renamed to Unyielding)
Adamant - Determination (renamed to Trust the Steel)
SPERG - Ignore Pain (renamed to Adamant)
SPERG - Thick Padding
SPERG - Mounted Knight
SPERG - Iron Will
SPERG - Warded Plate
Vokrii - Off Balance
Vokrii - Tower of Strength (Ordinator - Never Kneel inherits the effects)

Adamant - Aspect of Terror (Path of Sorcery - Paralyzing Terror inherits the debuff to armor)
Path of Sorcery - Beastial Minds
Path of Sorcery - Second Wind
Path of Sorcery - Shadow Weaver
Path of Sorcery - Telepathy
Path of Sorcery - Hold the Line
Path of Sorcery - Arise
Path of Sorcery - Geas
Path of Sorcery - Waking Nightmare
Path of Sorcery - Decoy
Path of Sorcery - Puppeteer
Path of Sorcery - Hypnotic Gaze
Path of Sorcery - Master of the Mind (renamed to Psionic)
Path of Sorcery - Consuming Rage (renamed to Maelstrom)
Path of Sorcery - Paralyzing Terror (renamed to Enervating Terror)
SPERG - Phantom Beast (renamed to Wraithbeast)
SPERG - Calming Presence
SPERG - Spectral Warrior (renamed to Eidolon)
SPERG - Chameleon (renamed to Sea of Ghosts)
SPERG - Phantom Armory
SPERG - Ghostwalk (renamed to Wispwalk, the perk is not listed on the SPERG page but is in its Illusion tree)
Vokrii - Paralyzing Terror
Vokrii - Lamb to the Slaughter (Mysticism patch, Ordinator - Wilting applies the debuff for paralyzed targets but with its values)
Vokrii - Neverworld (Mysticism patch)
Vokrii - Iron Maiden (Mysticism patch)
Vokrii - Impotent Rage (Mysticism patch)
Vokrii - Empire Builder (Mysticism patch)
Vokrii - Spirit of War (Mysticism patch)

Light Armor
Added Adamant - Fists of Steel (renamed to Pugilist (changed to flat bonus damage for unarmed attacks))
Added Adamant - Fists of Fury (renamed to Withering Blow)
Added Adamant - Overwhelm
Added Adamant - Knockout Punch (renamed to Hammer Arm)
Adamant - Relentless (renamed to Lithe)
Adamant - Unhindered 
SPERG - Insulating Wards
Vokrii - Flurry of Blows
Vokrii - Tough Hide
Vokrii - Evasive Sprint (renamed to Wild and Free)

SPERG - Dungeon Delver (renamed to Deep Dweller)
Vokrii - Looter
Vokrii - Quick Hands
Vokrii - Treasure Hunter (replaces Ordinator - Treasure Hunter)
Vokrii - Dungeon Master (renamed to Dungeon Delver)
Vokrii - Archaeologist

Adamant - Finishing Blow
SPERG - Bladesman (can only choose between this, Bone Breaker, and Hack and Slash)
SPERG - Bone Breaker (can only choose between this, Hack and Slash, and Bladesman)
SPERG - Hack and Slash (can only choose between this, Bone Breaker, and Bladesman)
SPERG - Fighting Stance (renamed to Jinada)
SPERG - Mobility (renamed to Seeker's Stride)
SPERG - Riposte (renamed to Flash Riposte)
SPERG - Paralyzing Flurry
Vokrii - Crater Maker
Vokrii - Bladedancer
Vokrii - Disarming Slash

Adamant - Underworld Contacts (Old Adamant perk)
SPERG - Brigand's Brew
SPERG - Dodge (renamed to Flutter)
SPERG - Acid Splash
SPERG - Drunken Rage
SPERG - Blade Catcher
SPERG - Cheap Shot
Vokrii - Cutpurse (replaces Ordinator - Cutpurse)
Vokrii - Oblivious
Vokrii - Payday
Vokrii - Lawless Times (replaces Ordinator - Lawless World)
Vokrii - Conspicuous Wealth
Vokrii - Master Thief
Vokrii - Perfect Touch

Adamant - Affliction
Adamant - Plague
Adamant - Scourge (renamed to Nethertoxin)
Adamant - Illumination
Adamant - Brilliance
Adamant - Power of the Light
Path of Sorcery - Blessing
Path of Sorcery - Aura of Light
Path of Sorcery - Life Link
Path of Sorcery - Bolster the Ranks
Path of Sorcery - Strength in Numbers
Path of Sorcery - Regeneration (renamed to Caressing Breeze)
Path of Sorcery - Mage Ward (renamed to Veiled Bulwark)
Path of Sorcery - Merciful Light
Path of Sorcery - Pitiless Light
Path of Sorcery - Nimble Warden
Path of Sorcery - Dust to Dust
SPERG - Concentration (renamed to Combat Clarity)
SPERG - Exorcist (renamed to Culling Turn)
SPERG - Paladin (renamed to Dawnbringer)
Vokrii - Inner Light
Vokrii - Plague Doctor (Vokrii - Alchemy version, replaces the Ordinator version)
Vokrii - Enduring Flame (Mysticism patch)
Vokrii - Withering Poison (Mysticism patch)
Vokrii - Corrosive Poison (Mysticism patch)
Vokrii - Sun's Judgement
Vokrii - Intervention

SPERG - Prospector (replaces High Yield Mining)
SPERG - Applied Knowledge
Vokrii - Armor Padding
Vokrii - Layered Plates
Vokrii - High Yield Mining
Vokrii - Hidden Enchantments

SPERG - Light Foot (replaces Ordinator -  Light Foot)
SPERG - Cloak of Shadows
SPERG - Assassin's Reflexes
SPERG - Heart Seeker
Vokrii - Silent Movement (replaces Ordinator - Infiltrator)
Vokrii - Silent Roll (replaces Ordinator version)
Vokrii - Shadow Warrior (replaces Ordinator version)
Vokrii - Escape Artist

Adamant - Salesman (Old Adamant perk, renamed to Hustler)
Adamant - Foreign Markets (Old Adamant perk)
SPERG - Convincing (replaces Bribery, no Intimidation bonus, renamed to Sly)
SPERG - Long Winded (renamed to Breath and form)
SPERG - Master Debater (renamed to Voice of the First World)
Vokrii - Skald
Vokrii - Beastmaster
Vokrii - Private Stock

Adamant - Executioner (renamed to Welcome the Grave)
SPERG - Tireless
SPERG - Warmaster (renamed to Dragon Swipe)
SPERG - Great Swings
SPERG - Limbsplitter
SPERG - Skullcrusher
SPERG - Champion's Stance (renamed to Giantborn)
SPERG - Counterattack (renamed to Livid)
Vokrii - Warmaster
Vokrii - Berserker
Vokrii - Rolling Charge