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Successor to You Hunger that affects the spawn rates of almost every item in the world along with an MCM that enables user customization of item distribution. No scripts besides MCM.

Permissions and credits
Poverty is the natural evolution of You Hunger. Instead of disabling items, Poverty replaces almost every item in the game with a dummy item that has a user configured chance to spawn through a MCM.

What This Affects

-Leveled lists and hand placed items of alchemy ingredients, potions, food, alcohol, armor, weapons, ammo, books, scrolls, clutter, crafting materials, soul gems, and gold.
-Chance of failing to harvest ingredients from plants and creatures.
-Chance of failing to harvest food from animals, hanging meat, and crops.
-Chance of failing to harvest crafting materials from animals.
-The amount of extra ammo npcs have.
-The amount of gold merchants have.

What This Doesn't Affect

-Catching animated insects/fish.
-Collecting firewood.

-Mining ore.
-Mod added items added to the world or those not in vanilla leveled lists.
-Quest rewards that don't use a leveled lists.
-Unique/quest items that can only be obtained one way.

-All non clutter hand placed items in shops can be bought instead of stolen. Stock is limited in selection until you get the Merchant perk (vanilla perk).
-Crops are owned.
-Disabled food in abandoned areas and in places where there shouldn’t be any.
-MCM (0-100 [chance none] for each category, the higher the number, the less items that are spawned)
-Removed gold from animal loot.
-Spellbook vendors stock a maximum of one book for each school of magic.


-All DLC
-Unofficial Skyrim Special Edition Patch
-New game heavily recommended, installation on an existing save is untested and theoretically a bad idea.


-Load before lighting, weather, and sound mods.
-Load before any mods that add, remove, or edit item placements (ex. town/city overhauls).
-Requires a merged/bashed/smashed patch with mods that edit leveled lists.

zEdit patcher for Poverty.
-A useful tool for creating patches for Poverty; developed by Elscrux with assistance from Evrymetul.
-Can take between a few minutes to a few hours based on how large the mod/mods that is/are being patched.
-Run patcher after generating a merged/bashed/smashed/java patch.
-Don't patch quest mods unless you have experience editing in a xEdit framework and know which items shouldn't be patched; quests can break if certain
items aren't spawned.
-There is a blacklist in index.js that is used to block these items.
-Report bugs in the comments section or help contribute to the project.
-Install instructions are provided in the link.
-If the patcher has troubling completing, try creating multiple patches for different mods or just select the mods you want to patch.

-Adds Poverty features not covered by the patcher (item and crop ownership)
-The Dawn of Skyrim Director's Cut patch can be disabled after running the patcher, the rest cannot.
-Do not use with the Legacy version of the mod.

If you do not wish to use the zEdit Patcher, download the Legacy version of the mod and download the patches provided in the misc files section.
-Complete Alchemy and  Cooking Overhaul
-Dawn of Skyrim - Director's Cut
-Expanded Towns and Cities
-Immersive College of Winterhold
-Trade and Barter
-Weapons Armor Clothing and Clutter Fixes and Armor and Clothing Extension

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