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Expansive AI overhaul that touches every single creature in Skyrim.

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Wild World is an AI mod that adds new packages, overhauls creature factions, improves fight or flight response, and standardizes the aggro radius and enables it on most creature types.

What Wild World doesn't do
-Add new creature abilities
-Add new creature variants.
-Add new spawn points.
-Edit combat styles.
-Edit creature races.
-Edit creature stats.

They Live

-Most creatures, unless domesticated, will endlessly wander the wilds of Skyrim, find the nearest town/ruins/fort to chill out in, or patrol your long lost cousin's ancient burial site for his great-great-great grandmother's pet cat that's haunted and guarded by draugr.
-By default, creatures are allowed a small wander radius in interior locations unless certain conditions forbid it.
-Creatures naturally form groups at certain times of the day, either patrolling a shared territory, resting, feeding, or traveling together and eventually parting ways.

They Hunger

-All living, flesh and blood creatures, will seek substance, either from the natural flora or cheese wheels the flesh of the living. You can tell what they've eaten by looting their corpses.

They Rest

-Bears and Sabre cats rest during the day, and most other creatures have periods of little activity.

They Kill

-Predators aren't friends and neither are prey. The fluffy sabrecat won't aid the lonely wolf in battle, they'll kill each other. Likewise, more competitive prey might fight each other.

They...Don't Kill?

-However, not all prey and predators are enemies, lonely wolf might dine on silly rabbits, but big bad bear might just ignore them.

They Think

-Most creatures will think twice before engaging an enemy they probably won't beat, stronger ones won't flee unless outmatched, and the strongest or non living will never flee (vanilla behavior unchanged for undead, dragons, and automations).

They Greet

-Most creatures will warn you if your character gets too close...for a few seconds...before they bite your face off...because they're polite (More creatures have an aggro radius).

Other Features
-Animals don't report crimes.
-Guards attack dangerous creatures on sight.

Differences from SkyTEST Realistic Animals and Predators
-Affects every creature type.
-AI packages are implemented from default package lists rather than adding
them individually to an actor. This makes it easier to implement more
packages and more specific ones for each creature type.
-Creature types only use vanilla factions except when there are no individual factions for the creature race.
-There are no individual factions for different creatures of the same creature
type (ex. regular/snowy sabre cat, brown/black bear). This causes no
infighting between individual creature types.
-Rather than adding spawn points, the GroupUp package lures large groups of creatures with
the same faction together with a large radius, naturally creating a
crowd. Consequently, regardless of the amount of mod added spawn points,
there will always be empty spaces.
-Predators hunt only specific prey and have specific rivals that compete over the same food source.
-Most creatures have a wander package that randomly generates patrol routes
over long distances using either "flora" or "ingredients" as destination
points which infinitely repeats until a specific package is called.
-Generally, predators are more active at night, while prey are more active during
the day. Predators sleep for a long duration while prey do so in short
bursts. Undead are more active at night.

Requirements and Compatibility
-Wild World requires all of the official dlc.
-If you use SkyTEST along with the SkyTEST Integration Project, disable all  SIP patches except for the No Extra Spawns.
-Game may be unstable if installed on an existing save.
-Wild World is incompatible with any mod that edits vanilla creature factions or npc records, but should be easy to patch in TES5Edit. Please note, ai packages found in the ai package section will take precedence over packages in a default package list.

Compatible Mods
-Animallica (Patch available)
-Birds of Skyrim (Load after Wild World)
-Combat Evolved (Load before Wild World)
-Convenient Horses
-High Level Enemies Redux (Patch available)
-Immersive Horses (Patch available)
-More Village Animals (load before Wild World)
-Morrowloot Ultimate (Patch available here)
-Revenge of the Enemies (Patch available)
-Skyrim Immersive Creatures (Patch available)
-SkyTEST Realistic Animals and Predators (Patch available)
-Wild Cat
-Wild Herds of Skyrim

Incompatible Mods
-Animal Tweaks (Needs patch)
-Immersive Citizens (Causes crashes when used with Wild World)
-Less Aggressive Animals
-NARC (Does the same thing)
-One with Nature
-Realistic Wildlife Behavior (Does the same thing)

To Modders
-Instead of adding packages directly to an actor, Wild World uses custom default package lists with many simple packages that overall
establishes a complex schedule made for every single creature type.

-If you want to make your creature mod compatible with Wild World, use a vanilla creature template and enable "Use Def Pack List" and "Use AI Data."
-For Ash Hopper, Boar, Chicken, Cow, Death Hound, Deer, Fox, Gargoyle, Horse, Mudcrab, Rabbit, and Wispmother templates, make sure "Use Factions" is also enabled. If you use your own created factions, make sure a vanilla equivalent is also available.
-For Chicken, Cow, Dremora, Elk GoatDomestic, Horker, Mudcrab, Slaughterfish, and Wisp templates, make sure "Use AI Packages" is also enabled (to remove the existing packages).

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