Enchanting Awakened Skyre Perk Tree Merge by evrymetul
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Added: 08/10/2013 - 03:50PM
Updated: 20/01/2016 - 04:45AM

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Last updated at 4:45, 20 Jan 2016 Uploaded at 15:50, 8 Oct 2013

This mod is featured in Modular Morrowloot Overhaul.


This patch is a complete integration of most Skyre perks into Enchanting Awakened's perk tree, either by themselves, or merged with existing EA perks.

Perks included are....

Basic Magicka Literacy Rank 1 (All Skyre perks have been renamed, but the effects are the same)
Advanced Magicka Literacy Rank 2
Elaborate Magicka Literacy Rank 3
Sage Magicka Literacy Rank 4
Arcane 1/3 Stormflux Foresight Rank 2, 1/3 Glacial Introspection Rank 2, 1/3 Flames of Unrest Rank 2

Elemental 1/3 Stormflux Foresight Rank 2, 1/3 Glacial Introspection Rank 2, 1/3 Flames of Unrest Rank 2

Arcane 1/3 Stormflux Foresight Rank 1, 1/3 Glacial Introspection Rank 1, 1/3 Flames of Unrest Rank 1

Enchanted Untapped Energy (3 Ranks) Dream Empowerment (3 Ranks)

Due to only introducing only 3 extra spots in the perk tree, the tree looks relatively neat compared to previous versions. Also, all new visible perks are exclusive to two paths of enchantment, and the effects of Arcane Archery, Arcane Burst, and Elemental Bombard depend exclusively on what path you've taken.


1. Place all contents in the Data folder
2. Place EA Skyre Perk Merge.esp after EnchantingAwakenedSkyrePatch.esp, the reproccer patch after reproccer.esp and only activate it if reproccer.esp is active.
3. (If upgrading) Respec your perks with the spell provided with Skyre if you have any perk points put into Stormflux Foresight, Flames of Unrest, or Glacial Introspection, and anything higher.
4. (If upgrading) Create a new save and then activate the mod

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