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Take alchemy to your next survival step!

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The mod has been reworked from ground up! TOTALLY SKSE FREE

There are a lot of big overhauls over there wich add tons of alchemy content. But the concept of "brewing a potion" that is wrong in vanilla skyrim, bottle appearing out of thin air? Spamming concotions wich are valuated 1000 gold just by picking 3 ingredients??? This doesn't make sense. Also when you drink a potion you can simply just take 200 minor healing potion and jamming those in your mouth and tadaaaa you are healed? Srsly??!

No chance steel pants!

What this mod does:

Reading "Create your own flask for potion" note will open a message menu to handle every single part of the mod to suit your like. A foolproof quest will activate when you enter in a store adding this note to the inventory. 

-To access to the Alchemy table you will require a number of "sterilyzed flasks" based on your Alchemy skill to be able to experiment safely and every concotion brewed will consume that number of required flasks. Ex. You have 100 in alchemy, if you have 2 flask in your inventory you might access to the alchemy lab, and every potion will consume 2 flasks.

- No more spamming potion with the alchemy lab. Every single potion craft is followed with a safety measure click block. You are not a f*king potion making machine.

-To obtain "sterilyzed flasks" you have to buy them (Alchemist) or craft them (a quest will start automatically as you enter in a store giving you the instructions "Create your own flask for potion") or find them in alchemy loot.

- By consuming a benefical potion will activate "drinking" animation, by poisoning a weapon you might trigger a negative animation (poison vapors will exale and the player will cough creating a detection event). you will be vulnerable in this state, use potion/poison wisely! You can still use multiple time the same potion but using the favorite menu.

-Empty wine bottles have a sense now. You can turn them at the Smelter for Glass.
Also consuming wine bottles will add an empy wine bottle item, consuming skooma or mead will add "Used flasks"!

-Consuming any kind of drink or concotion (except wine) will give you "Used flasks" wich can be smelted for glass at the smelter. So you can recycle potions! You can also find "Used flasks" in alchemy loot.

This mod doesn't touch potency, skill, perks, or else. Just the gameplay sense. The value of "Sterilyzed flasks" obiouvsly has a direct impact on the value of a created potion.

All lvlist added by this mod are dynamically attached. There is no need to merge this mod!

This mod is SKSE FREE

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