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This mod is for immersion & player ease. It enables you to create a 'New Game' save with all your MCM preferences saved exactly how you like them, whilst still being able to access the Race Menu by interacting with a newly placed object in the Alternate Start beginning room.

Permissions and credits
Update 1.1: Now includes necessary scripts in files, no change to install method, simply use your mod manager of choice. If you have previously downloaded v1.0, delete and download v1.1 instead (of either Main or Optional file).

A new Object is added into the beginning room (Abandoned Prison) of Alternate Start which you can activate to use the Race Menu. This new Object will disappear much like the Statue of Mara (in Alternate Start) only once you've begun your chosen new life.

The Original Problem:
You have to use the Command Console to open the Race Menu when using an 'MCM Preferences New Game Save'. 

The Solution:
The added Object allows you to access the Race Menu via your interact key as normal, without the need to use CC. Using this Object, the Race Menu can be activated as many times as you want, but when you start your new life, the Object disappears never to be used again with that character.

The Reason:
I don't want the need to remember or to look up the command to open the Race Menu if I start a new game on my modded Skyrim, say, 5 years later. This mod is also made with the intention towards my goal of making a noob friendly immersive modded Skyrim - in which they wouldn't be expect to know, use or remember Console Commands.

Object - the Object added is a Shrine of Mara - shown in the Images (on the table).
MCM preferences New Game Save - When you load up a New Game with Alternate Start enabled you're immediately forced into the Race Menu to create your character. After you've made your character you'd then want to make all your selections to your preference for your mods that use an MCM menu (these selections reset on every New Game). The problem with this is not being able to select & save all your MCM preferences before that Race Menu to make your alternate New Game Save. This leads to making that save after the Race Menu, which means any new character, you'll need to open the Console Command to open the RaceMenu to create your character.
CC - Command Console
Race Menu - the menu in which you use to customise your character upon starting a new game with Alternate Start or during the Helgen Scene with Vanilla.

Optional File: This mod merged with another: Alternate Start ELFX Enhanced Patch. Download ether the Main File or the Optional.

Compatible with Optional Starting Spells & RaceMenu, but neither are needed.

Must have Alternate Start.

This mod does not add a Save Game file, you have to make that yourself, here's how:

1. Load New Game
2. In race menu, click Done and name that character 'New Game'
3. Now wait while all your MCM menus become registered
4. When they are all registered, go through all the menus and choose your settings
5. Strip naked (so that you can change your tattoos in the race menu and see them)
6. Make a save overwriting the other save automatically made with that character
8. Now, when you load a new game you can just walk up to the character creator activator and your in the race menu again, when you rename the character that'll start a new directory of saves under your character name, just like a normal new character.

The screenshots were taken with ELFX EnhancedRe-Engaged ENB & Alternate Start ELFX Enhanced Patch.