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This mod removes the starting spells (all) and adds all the novice spell tomes to your starting area. Compatible with both Vanilla start and Alternate Starts - Live another Life.

Permissions and credits
This mod is for SSE!

This mod has been redone from scratch (see changelog) for Skyrim Special Edition.
Here is the Skyrim classic version of this mod: Optional Starting Spells (outdated and no longer supported).


Optional Starting Spells does a simple thing, remove the starting spells that comes with the player, those are flames and healing for everyone and; sparks, fury and conjure familiar for some specific races.

Then, make those and every novice spell optional by just adding the tomes to the starting area, so you are who decides if you want it or not.


This comes with a FOMod installer, so just open it with Mod Organizer or Nexus Mod Manager.

Are you in the mood of a manual installation? uh? Then just copy ''Optional Starting Spells.esp" and "Optional Starting Spells.bsa" to your Skyrim\Data directory and enable it from de Mod menu inside the game.


- This mod edit the Player entity record; '00000007', if you know a mod that edits that, let me know and I'll do a compatibility patch.
- Mods I know uses this record:

- Disparity (NOT YET PORTED)- You don't need this mod if you are already using Disparity, it is redundant. But if you insist on using this mod for the spell tomes, make sure you load Optional Starting Spells BEFORE Disparity.
- Starting Spells Begone - This mod do not remove race specific spells and doesn't add the spell tomes, you can have both installed without issue, but there is no sense on that.


Q - Should be compatible with race mods like Imperious - Races of Skyrim?
A - Yes! This mod disables only vanilla starting spells, and that mod was one of my inspiration points.

Q - Can those spell tomes be used to learn these spells if you later decide it?
A - Yes, you can learn those spell when you want, this only remove the spells from your character at the beginning, you can even pick it up and learn it whenever you want or just come back to Helgen Keep later on.


1.2 - Mod redone from scratch, simplified to work everywhere and fixed some issues with the script.
1.1 - Added the option to remove every race starting spell and compiled with the new SSE CK.