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This is a very simple mod that gives more light to the Abandoned Prison (from Alternate Start) when you begin a new game.

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Updated the Optional File: now includes necessary scripts.

This is done by adding a couple more light sources (one of which is a torch that could be taken to aid the new character). This is compatible with and made intentionally to suit ELFX Enhanced & Optional Starting Spells, but can be used without them.

Load order doesn't seem to matter :)

Optional Starting Spells - great mod that strips the starting character of all magic and lets you choose what spells you start with by placing the appropriate spell tomes on one of the bookshelves placed by Alternate Start. Unfortunately when this mod is used with ELFX Enhanced you can't see any of the added tomes or extras added to the starting room. This mod was created for this reason, but does not require OSS.

This mod only requires the following:
- Dawnguard DLC (included in Special Edition)
- Dragonborn DLC (included in Special Edition)
- Hearthfires DLC (included in Special Edition)
- Update.esm - this is a standard file when playing with SSE
- Alternate Start - Live Another Life

Is Compatible with:
- ELFX (any versions)
- Optional Starting Spells
- Any ELFX alternative

Optional File: This mod merged with another: Alternate Start Race Menu Activator. Download ether the Main File or the Optional.

If you look at a certain angle the statue of Mara's light source switches off. This is not caused by this mod, that was already a problem for me.