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Conversion of soldierofwar's patch for The Great City of Solitude and Solitude Skyway

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I really like both soldierofwar's The Great City of Solitude and Urtho's Solitude Skyway, but if used together, the Skyway becomes inaccessible at the western end because it is inside a wall!  Soldierofwar created a patch for LE, but while both mods were converted to SE, the patch was not.  This is not my own work--I simply downloaded the LE patch, converted it to SE, cleaned it, and resolved a few conflicts, including carrying over a couple edits from USSEP.  With the permission of BOTH mod authors, I am sharing it for your Solitude modding enjoyment!  All credit for these great mod goes to soldierofwar and Urtho.  Please endorse their mods!

Please note: This mod is NOT compatible with LOTD, or probably any mods that edit the general area of the Skyway.

KhrysINXS has made a wonderful set of mods for the Solitude Skyway that I am now using instead of this mod, and I highly recommend them.  I am leaving this on the Nexus, however, for those who may not want the more extensive edits of KhrysINXS's excellent work.  You can find all his Solitude mods here: