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Simply restores the Dawnguard DLC vampire attacks (they were removed with SSE release or some time after) with a new condition: they don't happen inside walled cities.

Permissions and credits

Vampire Attacks Restored Outside of Walled Cities


With Skyrim Special Edition release - or some time after - Bethesda removed the vampire attacks originally added by the Dawnguard DLC. A lot of people hated them, but to me their most annoying aspect was that vampires seemed to be able to teleport right behind the main gate of walled cities. Vampires would simply appear inside walled cities without any kind of logical explanation.
This mod restores these attacks as they were before their removal, but with an extra condition: they don't happen inside walled cities anymore.
This does not affect attacks that are triggered by an eclipse.

Requirements & (Un)Installation:

You need the latest version of Skyrim Special Edition.
Installation as usual. Install with your favorite mod manager or manually in the data folder.
You can uninstall simply by removing the mod .esp.

Compatibility & Load Order:

This mod should be compatible with everything that does not modify vampire attacks.
If you wish to restore the vampire attacks as they were (so with attacks inside walled cities), I recommend you install this mod instead.
Timing is Everything SE is compatible and recommended if you wish to modify the frequency and minimum level for these attacks to trigger. Version 2.2 and above of Timing is Everything add a MCM option to toggle attacks on or off. If it is loaded after my mod, that option needs to be toggle on for the attacks to happen. If my mod is loaded after then the attacks will happen whether or not that MCM option is toggled on.
Run for your Lives is compatible and recommended.
This mod should be compatible with Open Cities Skyrim too.


Because Skyrim location system does not make a difference between buildings that are inside and outside of city walls, attacks won't be triggered when you are close to buildings just outside of walled cities (they were in vanilla when attacks were enabled.)
To be clear: vampire attacks are restored for every town/village/settlement/habitation/farm/whatever that is not in or just outside of a walled city.

The rules for non-eclipse vampire attacks to happen are the following:
- player level must be greater or equal to global value "DLC1VQMinLevelVampireAttacks".
- Game time must be between 21pm and 5am.
- No active eclipse.
- Harkon must be alive.
- The player must be in a location that is considered as habitation by the game (so any city, town, village, settlement, farm,...).
- My mod adds the condition that this location is not considered as a city by the game. (So no attack in Whiterun, Windhelm, Riften, Solitude and Markarth, and in the buildings around them.)
- At least one guard must be present.
When all of those are true:
When there has not been an attack for at least global value "DLC1EclipseAttackNextWait" days , attacks have a 5% chance (except 100% for the first attack) to happen every time the player enters the location.
When there has not been an attack for at least global value "DLC1EclipseAttackNextMaxWait" days, attacks have a 100% chance to happen every time the player enters the location.

"DLC1VQMinLevelVampireAttacks", "DLC1EclipseAttackNextWait" and "DLC1EclipseAttackNextMaxWait" can be change with "Timing is Everything", my mod has no influence on them.

Default values: DLC1VQMinLevelVampireAttacks = 8, DLC1EclipseAttackNextWait = 1, DLC1EclipseAttackNextMaxWait = 20.


Bethesda Softworks for making TES:Skyrim and the Creation Kit.
All members of the xEdit team.
Nuare Studio for the illustration.


This mod is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International License (CC BY-NC 4.0).
You can consider this mod as a resource. Feel free to copy, modify and upload this mod anywhere, as long as it is for non-lucrative purpose.

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