Skyrim Special Edition

About this mod

Adds additional customization options for Argonian and Khajiit characters, to allow for a more unique feel. Provides 54 Face paints and 101 Body paints designed to fit in with the beast races (Argonian and Khajiit). Includes Facepaint as both Warpaint and Face paint. Also, Foot and Hand paints are now implemented as well.

Permissions and credits
---If you like the mod and think it deserves it, feel free to leave an endorsement as it helps me to know what people want to see more of, and I also really appreciate it! If you have any images you would like to share of a character using the paints, feel free to post it in the images section!---

I've always wanted some more options to customize Khajiit and Argonian Body appearance to give the character some more variety than a skin tone can allow.This mod aims to add more customization options for both Khajiit and Argonian characters in for the form of Body Paint and Face Paint. Hopefully you will find them useful to add some customization to your characters. The paints will fit both Genders and will look best on the Race associated with the paint. Paints can be found under RaceMenu's Makeup, Body Paint, and Face Paint sections. The paints added by this mod will be found with the Prefix BRB to help organize them, and will specify the variation. I hope you enjoy the work I put into this mod, as I'm trying to see what I can accomplish with the use of RaceMenu/NIOverride for another project. 
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-Oldrim Version-
Adds 26 Argonian Themed Face Paints, and 26 Khajiit Themed Face Paints -Fit Both Male and Female
Adds 5 Argonian Male Themed Body Paints - Adds 5 Argonian Female Themed Body Paints
Adds 5 Khajiit Male Themed Body Paints - Adds 5 Khajiit Female Themed Body Paints
Adds 25 Argonian Themed Body Paints, and 25 Khajiit Themed Body Paints -Fit Both Male and Female
Adds 13 Argonian Themed Foot Paints, and 12 Khajiit Themed Foot Paints -Fit Both Male and Female
Adds 4 Argonian Themed Hand Paints, and 5 Khajiit Themed Hand Paints, and 2 Extras -Fit Both Male and Female
All of these can be used by any race, so you can use them for whatever you want, though they will likely fit best on Argonian/Khajiit Characters.
Requires RaceMenu (and by extension SKSE)

Extract the contents of the 7Zip and move the contents to your Skyrim Data folder, or use the Nexus Mod Manager to install.
You should then be able to access the Body and Face Paints through the RaceMenu, under Makeup, Body Paint, and Face Paint.
If you are installing over a previous version, simply replace all when asked.

Remove or disable the .esp in your data folder and the content should no longer appear in game. To delete the textures, you should delete the folder Data\textures\actors\character\Overlays\BRB in your skyrim directory.
Otherwise you may just uninstall via Nexus Mod Manager if you used it to install.

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