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Compatibility patches for IMCN and various other mods.

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IMCN Patches
Here are a few patches for Imp's More Complex Needs

Adds IMCN keywords to all Hunterborn foods to make them compatible, doesn't affect Soups & Stews Module
-Adds Tasty/Gross keywords to some recipes to affect appeal
-Adds a few missed foods

Drinking Fountains of Skyrim
Adds IMCN keywords to the water bottle and lets you drink from the fountains using the IMCN Action Key (Default N)

More Growable Plants
Adds IMCN keywords to blueberries, blueberry crostata and caffeine effect to sugar

Your Own Thoughts
Changes IMCN messages to first-person as YOT does. ("I'm hungry" instead of "You're Hungry")

Requiem (Unofficial SE Port)
-Adds IMCN keywords to the foods and Bottled Water added by Requiem
-Requiems Blood Potions feed IMCNs Vampire Hunger
weight of IMCNs Water from 3 to 0.5 to better suite Requiem carry capacity
-Adds 2 Cooking Pot recipes to convert 1 or 10 IMCN Water to  "Bottled Water" (For food recipes)
Disables IMCNs health regeneration from high morale (Beta)

Complete Alchemy & Cooking Overhaul
Adds IMCN keywords to CACO foods. Might have a few missing or mislabeled foods

Beyond Skyrim - Bruma 
Adds IMCN keywords to Bruma foods. Doesn't touch edible ingredients yet. (WIP)

Legacy of the Dragonborn
Adds IMCN keywords to the Distillery Barrel drinks and the cookies.

Sacrosanct - Vampires of Skyrim
Disable IMCN blood effects so that Hunger is managed by Sacrosanct

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