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Biggest Whiterun overhaul on Skyrim Special Edition.
Mod include one of the best Nexus mods (JK's Whiterun, Whiterun Expansion, ETK The Streets of Whiterun, Adorning Whiterun)

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  • German


The goal of this mod was to make Whiterun feel like real city rather then a small town.
There is still a lot to do, thats why im publish this mod. I need some help from community to make this mod really great. 

I'm looking:
* voice actors
(quick note: When I'm done with Whiterun Exterior and interiors, I can start working on dialogues and voice acting)
* writers
* interior designers

Expand city (new districts)
New houses
Adds Public Bathhouse
New NPCs
New dungeons
New textures
Cleaned in SSEEdit

Whiterun is a major city located in the center of Skyrim, to the northwest of the Throat of the World, the highest mountain on the entire continent of Tamriel. 
The capital of Whiterun Hold, Whiterun's central location makes it the province's major commercial hub.
Its central location also makes it a crucial strategic point in the Civil War between the Imperial Legion loyalists and Stormcloak rebels, as control of Whiterun Hold grants access to all the surrounding areas. Initially, Whiterun is nominally aligned with The Empire, but the Jarl, Balgruuf the Greater, seems to care more about the people of Whiterun than either side of the conflict, and so the hold is effectively neutral.

JiubiIzeekk (Adorning Whiterun - A Whiterun Overhaul V2)
 JKrojmal and Nazenn (JK's Whiterun)
etkerkin (ETK The Streets Of Whiterun)
GamerDude092 (Whiterun Expansion)
The_Funktasm (Morrowind Style Clutter and More)
dourdendevire (Northern Bathhouses)
UWShocks (Elsweyr Imports - SSE)
bfadragon (Resource extra food v2)
Drakulux (Whiterun Outskirts Market)
Nernie (Nernies City and Village Expansion)