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Rose Rosenberg - Stromvik

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Skyrim Radioactive with navmesh, USSEP fix and optimized meshes.

Permissions and credits
First things first, thanks  to Rose Rosenberg for Skyrim Radioactive and
the permission to upload them with the changes for SE.

ARC84Ghost made a SkyR Docks and Solitude Exterior Patch

What has been changed or adjusted:
  • The meshes would be checked with SSE NIF Optimizer
  • The Navmesh were adapted for npc's and follower
  • Small changes in the buildings for the Navmesh
  • A USSEP fix for Windhelm

Last Update for SkyR Interior 20.08.17:
  • Skyrim Radioactive SE merged is the new main file.  
  • SkyR-Solitude: Duplicate entries deleted and some bug fixed
  • Add SkyR interior Open Cities 1.2:  Includes all esp from main file. Please report doors that do not work
  • Add Txt file which explains how remove parts of the mod you did not want to use.

Last Update for Solitude Docks: 20.08.17:
  • Navmesh revised
  • Dark Face Fix integrated

Last Update for Windhelm Docks: 25.09.18:

What does the Mod:
The following interior/exteriors spaces are changed:

Black Briar Manor
Black Briar Meadery
Elgrim's Elixirs
Riften Fishery
Haelga's Bunk House
Honorhall Orphanage
House of Clan Snow-Shod
Marise Aravel's House
Pawned Prawn
Riften Stables
Riften Warehouse
Romlyn Dreth's House
The Scorched Hammer
Temple of Mara

Faendal's House
Hod and Gerdur's House
Sven and Hilde's House

Angeline's Aromatics
Bits and Pieces
Hall of The Dead
Katla's farm
Solitude Stables

Amren's House
Arcadia's Cauldron
Belethor's General Goods
Carlotta's House
Heimskr's House
House Gray-Mane
House of Clan Battle-Born
Olava's House
Severio's House
Temple of Kynareth
The Warmaindens
Uthgerd 's House
Ysolda's House

Blacksmith Windhelm
Calixto's house
Candleheart Hall
Sadri's Used Wares
Temple of Talos
White Pial

Solitude Docks
 Windhelm Docks

  • Simply use nexus mod manager and activate the desired esp's
  • All the interior of a city in a merged esp are available as an optional download.

  • compatible with Palaces and Castles Enhanced SSE
  • compatible with Alternate Start - Live Another Life It is only one cell affected and there is no error at the start.
  • not compatible with Immersive Citizens
Known issues:
  • Floating objects, Chair in the wall, objects not in their place for example thieves guild quest objects.
Which happens because some objects are marked as "persistent". Which means its position is stored in the savegame.
You can fix it yourself by opening the console. Click on the object and disable it. In a new game, all objects will
be in place.

  • Blinking lights, candle holders in walls and on stairs
This is from your used lighting mod. Just follow  Elianora´s instructions to fix this.

  • Solitude Docks: Missing the beach and road
This happens when after the Solitude Docks a mod change the landscapes like
"Landscape Fixes For Grass Mods". Just put the docks esp under it and the problem is solved.

have fun


Rose Rosenberg for Skyrim Radioactive