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An overhaul of the Creation Club Survival Mode.

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XBone Version Here
Patch Collection For Survival Mode Here

  • Total rework of Creation Club's Survival Mode that is seamless with vanilla.
  • Simple new gameplay mechanics that complement survival mode in an unobtrusive way
  • Bugfixes and tweaks for complete consistency 
  • More compatible with modded content; no changes to attack speed. 
  • Lightweight scripting, no latency impact from vanilla survival mode


I really think Survival Mode is brilliant in its simplicity and vision - it integrates better into the game than other existing options. I havent really been into need mods till I switched over to SSE and gave survival mode a try. However, I feel there are aspects where it could be balanced better. This mod intends to keep with Survival Mode's vision while rebalancing and in some cases, expanding on survival mechanics to result in a more consistent and enjoyable experience. 

Needs Overhauled 
All need debuffs have been reworked. 

Cold is as deadly as before. The potion debuff was moved here because its more logical as a cold debuff. Death from cold can be toggled in the MCM.

The progression formula has also been been slightly tweaked - it now takes longer for you to become hungry. Hunger now affects stam/mag regen, forcing builds of all kinds to manage hunger actively. The RestoreHungerVerySmall and RestoreHungerSmall values have been drastically increased so that all food is viable - you dont have to eat 40 potatoes anymore. 


Fatigue is still annoying, but it has significantly reduced impact on combat since its not something you can manage proactively like for hunger, where you can just stock up more food.



Naturally, all afflictions have to be reworked when debuffs are changed.


You are punished for not taking care of your needs. You begin to feel unwell when you do not take care of your needs. You will gain Malaise when you fulfill one or more of these conditions: one need is in stage 5, two needs are in stage 4 or if all three needs are in stage 3.  


More Rewarding Buffs
Conversely, keeping your needs in check is more rewarding. If you are warm, wellfed and well rested, you will gain increased morale for 30 minutes. [Disabled by default]


Vampires And Werewolves
Survival will now treat vampires and werewolves differently. They will not die from the cold, but may not get any rested bonuses if survival mode is enabled. In addition, biting as a vampire lord will now properly trigger the appropriate survival feed bonuses. 

Vampires can choose from 3 presets in regards to their needs, or they may also choose to suffer full penalties like the rest of us. 

Vampire Presets

As for werewolves, they gain a warmth rating of 50 points, have an increased natural health regen rate of 50% and increments fatigue 50% slower. All of this can be toggled in the MCM. 

Shrine Changes - Proactive Protection

Woe be to the unfaithful. Shrines no longer cure diseases. Instead, they confer a 100% disease resistance for 8 hours. This is a simple, intuitive change that makes diseases and religion a much more central part of the game. 
Vigilants will still cure your diseases for free, that is until they get brutally slaughtered in the Dawnguard questline. In addition, you may also configure shrine costs in the MCM, make it free if you want to.

Shrine changes were done using by editing the CureDiseaseEffect form. In vanilla this is only used by the shrines. To my knowledge, no other mod changes or uses this magic effect in an unconventional way; do inform me if I'm wrong.

Pilgrim - A Religion Overhaul overwrites this feature with its own shrine mechanics entirely, no compatibility issue present using the two mods together.

Drugs And Alcohol
You may now use Skooma and Alcohol, or even coffee(!), to cope with the harsh penalties that Survival Mode brings. 


Coffee (Optional Plugin)

Simple Toxicity
Drugs are useful but there are consequences from taking too much of them. You will die if you overdose on skooma. Taking too much alcohol will give you Malaise a while after the alcohol wears off. Coffee has no adverse effects. 

Inncreased Food
A modified version of Melon/BanjoBunny's Inncreased Food has been integrated into the mod. This means inns will sell more food. If survival mode is enabled, inns will also stock up on hot soups, as well as fire salts to craft hot soups. Fire salts have their prices halved, incentivizing you to craft hot soups. For convenience, hot soups are now created with the cold versions of the respective soups instead of individual ingredients.

Survival's food poisoning check originally used a custom formlist to check for raw foods. This was done because vanilla food items are not properly flagged with the VendorItemFoodRaw keyword. However, this is no longer a problem with USSEP, therefore my mod changes the script to use the VendorItemFoodRaw keyword as an alternative. This ensures compatibility with all modded food items. 

Other Noteworthy Changes
Controversial survival mode features such as lowered carryweight, no health regen and no fast travel are now toggleable in mcm. These features largely depend on player preference, so I give players the choice. Survival's heat detection has also been rewritten to fix freezing, replacing constant quest.start() calls with story manager event. (This is the same change as Colin's Survival Mode Improved.)

Can be installed even if Survival Mode was already active - this mod will automatically restart survival mode for you.
To uninstall, disable survival mode and then after removing this mod, run your save through a savegame cleaner. 

Load this mod as high(read: early) in your load order as possible. Ideally it should be one of the first esps in your load order, right below USSEP. The reason is that this mod edits a few vanilla forms for maximum consistency. These changes, which include fixes from Unofficial Survival Patch and reverting Survival's edits to DualFlurry, are rather unimportant and should be overwritten by your other mods, though ideally you should fix them in a simple conflict resolution patch. If you are using Kryptoryr's Weapon and Armor Fixes, load this mod before it - WACCF makes conflicting changes to survival keywords of armors that should take priority over this mod. 

This mod is incompatible with any other mod that edit survival mode, including Lenient Survival and Survival Configurator. Unofficial Survival Patch is compatible but obsolete - all relevant fixes have been integrated into this mod. It is however compatible with [Sleep Under The Stars](

Fully compatible with vampire and werewolf mods. Requires patching with any mod that modifies or adds skooma/alcohol. This mod also edits inn vendor chests as well as inn leveled lists. Use a bashed patch and a merged or smash patch to resolve conflicts with any other mod that modify these too. 

Note that a lot of modded content requires patching to function with Survival Features. I will try to make patches for all popular mods as I go along. Meanwhile, here are the patches I have done so far.

Known Issues

  • Weird interaction: fatigue, or the XP debuff from malaise, will change the way that skill books work. That is you will not level up in the skill, but rather gain a portion of xp in that skill. This is part my fault and part Bethesda's. It turns out that skill books are affected by the Mod Skill Use perk entry point which was used for fatigue and malaise effects. If I had known that this was the case, I wouldnt half the mod around that mechanic.
  • If you are using the Coffee Integration, coffee will display the "Fortify Warmth" effect in the description even if survival mode is disabled. Very minor inconsistency but I cant fix it without removing the effect.