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ESMifies the plugin, fixes minor bugs, and improves some assets.

Permissions and credits

This mod was created with permission from TheBawb.

This mod requires TheBawb's The Shire SE to be installed.

  • Flagged TheBawbsShire.esp as an ESM to improves stability on heavy load orders. For more information, read this thread by aers.
  • Removed many non-existing references from the esp.
  • Cleaned up navmesh edits to the Skyrim world space.
  • Incorporated USSEP changes.
  • Added missing trigger for Tinruth's loyalty quest "The Bond of Kin". Talk to Tinruth after "A Just Sabotage" quest.
  • Fixed several music tracks that end prematurely.
  • Made halfling children compatible with Children mods such as RS Children.
  • Created HD textures for the Ranger armor set.
  • Created new normal maps for the Ranger armor set.
  • Fixed Forodant's hood clipping with the Armor.
  • Created custom race for Goblins instead of using Falmer race.
  • Fixed several minor spelling and grammar errors.
  • Temporarily give the Rangers increased attack during quest scenes so they can kill Ruffians in a timely manner.
  • Implemented a new hideout for the quest "A New Home".
  • Fixed "A Friend in Need" so it will always trigger.
  • Changed The Shire gate so it is not the Morrowind border gate.
  • Clean up and prevent the Thalmor from respawning after "A Friend in Need".
  • Added tree LODs and LOD generation data for trees.
  • Fixed alpha transparency flags on certain dead trees so they interact with shadows and contribute to the depth buffer

Optional Files
  • A subjective change to increase grass density. ESL plugin.
  • A subjective change to the water. ESL plugin.

Console Commands
If you are in the middle of a play through or have finished, you can use console commands to progress through the changed portions. Read this document for more details.