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As Requested on Redditt, this is a port that adds 4 Alternate Start options for The Shire; Ranger, Shire Resident, Ruffian, and Adventurer.

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What is this Mod?

This mod adds 4 Alternate Start options; Ranger, Shire Resident, Ruffian, and Adventurer. Each begin their versions of The Shire's Main Quest. More details on each later on.


This mod requires TheBawb's Shire and Arthmoor's Alternate Start. (Which in itself requires all three official DLCs)

The Shire

Alternate Start


1) Install both The Shire and Alternate Start

2) Install this mod last. Ensure that it is below the other two in your load order.
This patch is comprised of an ESP and BSA. To uninstall, simply delete them from your data folder.


This mod was very carefully designed to avoid conflicting with other Alternate Start Options. No Alternate Start scripts were edited, and the
majority of edits made were made in a separate quest. To my knowledge there are no incompatibilities.


The Ranger:

This option skips the first 4 Shire main quests (which are focused mainly on merging The Shire with Skyrim) and equips the player with the necessary Ranger equipment.

The Ruffian:

This option places the player on a set track to The Shire's lesser-known Evil Main Quest. (Consisting of a solid 10-15 hours of gameplay)and equips them with a standard bandit inventory.

The Shireling:

This option provides the player with a partially-built Hearthfire-style Halfling Home, as well as a large sum of gold and random materials.
Equips Shirefolk clothing and other items.

The Adventurer (Original Shire Start):

The Shire's original start. The player is equipped with a standard bandit inventory and several health potions. Skips no quests.


While not an author of this particular mod, I wanted to use this space express my appreciation for the many contributions Arthmoor's made over the years. I use several of his mods personally (including Alternate Start) and have never been disappointed in the professional quality of his work.