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This is my complete overhaul of Whiterun City, it's surroundings, and the wider hold. This overhauls the streets, adds buildings and over 100 NPCs to the city, around the city exterior and the wider hold. It adds Guards, Citizens, Merchants, Traders, unique fauna and much more. The main file requires the BSA or loose files.

Permissions and credits
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This mod is a complete overhaul of the City of Whiterun and it's surroundings. The main essence of the mod is to make Whiterun a more immersive and vibrant economic hub.


To replicate a thriving meat industry various Shepherds and other herder NPCs bring in their flocks to a Butchers. Couriers carry materials themselves or with help from their mules between Riverwood, Rorikstead, a new mine and Metalworks, Ivarstead, Falkreath, Windhelm and the Warehouse district in the city outskirts. There is an Apothecary Guild in Riverwood also, and it's various members bring their wares daily down into the City of Whiterun. There are also additional gates, Herder camps, a standing stone circle and some unique species of Fauna. More guards have been added to various locations around the hold, and these Hold guards (wearing cloaks to distinguish them) periodically return to the city or follow patrol routes. In total this mod adds over 100 NPCs to bring the hold to life. 


The City outskirts is a more vibrant area for merchants and guards, with new Guard areas (a toilet, armory and defensive towers), and there's the Whiterun Inn, Town hall and Guard house. 2 guards have been added (without helmets) 1 of which is a retired guard / cook who mostly works in a small camp area where guards will sit and eat. There are also additional walkways. The main focus of the Outskirts is however as a trading area, so there's the Warehouse overseen by the Mayor, and various other NPCs. There's a stall, and a new Stables inside the city walls. Various NPCs will periodically travel to and fro between other towns and this warehouse, replicating supposed trade routes. These NPCs and mules are carrying goods if a player decides to play a highwayman :). Apart from the Butchers, there is also the Windwalker's House, a new Farmstead, a Fishing dock, small tanner camp and other additions.


The interior however is the main focus of this mod. It is a fairly radical overhaul and will likely not work well with many other mods that change things inside. It adds around 12 buildings, mostly houses, but including: A Bakery, a bookstore, a Healers, a City School (which the children attend daily to be taught by 1 of 3 NPCs), an Instrument maker, a Clothier, the Mayor's house etc. It revamps several areas, with the market having stalls redesigned, extra items added to merchant's good lists, an extra 3 stalls and seating area. 
There is now more distinct living areas, with a rundown slum area, and more closed in alleyways. There are gardens and other items of interest. Breezehome has also had a facelift with a new garden out back and to the side, as have many other buildings. Indeed most areas of the city have been changed to some extent with an additional second market area.
NPCs also often have simple dialogue. 

This is NOT compatible with my other mod Whiterun Valley or any other mod that modifies the city itself. I released this as a separate mod despite it sharing a lot of content with Whiterun Valley as I just felt it would be too complicated with feedback and patches etc. 


You must install both the ESP and the BSA for this mod to work!
There is an alternative loose files option available.

* (B) = Place BEFORE Willybach's Whiterun
** (A) = Place AFTER Willybach's Whiterun


Provincial Courier Service
1 of Elysium Estate or Skyfall Estate
Breezehome by Lupus
EEKs Whiterun Interiors
Immersive Wenches
Whitewatch Tower Reborn

Optional: Alpine Forest of Whiterun


Designs of the Nords SSE (Improves Banners)

A Road Sign Texture Mod - for example: LH's HD Total Roadsigns Remaster 

In this mod I have used some modding resources from the following:

STROTI - Converted by TAMIRA - Various packs including Hobbit House Resource and other buildings
YUGHUES - Converted by TAMIRA - New Plants
TARSHANA - Winterbrook Furnishings
IXWIND - The Witcher Cards
JET4571 - Jet Resources
CLOUDEDTRUTH - Relationship Dialogue Overhaul
HANAISSE - Hanas Blank Roadsigns - A resource

AULIE - Melt in the Mouth - Sweet Resources
JOKERINE - Misc resources
TAMIRA/PHITTS - Lanterns Mod
TAMIRA - Assorted Resources
MIGHTYNINE - Tap Warehouse
NORTHBORN - Northborn Fur Hoods
0Prime0 - Blades Samurai Armor and Kinono
OARISTYS - Modder's Resource - The Witcher Extension
LORSAKYAMUNI - The Witcher 3 Mega Resource Pack
NORAIMIRONHAND - Mule Skinner's Farm
HIFOO - Basket Backpack
TREASURECHEST - Furbag Backpack
JACKNIFELEE - Velvet Robes and Cloaks
ELINEN & ZTREE - Hoddminir Plants and Trees
MIHAILMODS - Various Creature Mods
CD Projekt RED
KELRETU - Alchemist Backpack
MATY743 - Noldor Content Pack
BLUEBOAR - Broad-Brimmed Hats
ORIN04 - Decoration Bag
REFURBMADNESS - Simple Outfits for Men
MM137 - Skaal Santa Suit
YAMIELISA - Ambrosia Fashions
LEODOIDAO - Petrogliph and Cave Painting Resource
APEPIofDUAT - Apepi's Art Assets
KRAETEN - Stormcloak Cabin Resource
TESTTIGER2 - TestTiger's Mesh Resources
RUSEY - More Triss Armor Recolours
BUDDY1011 - Mega Resource Pack
DARKRIDER - Celtic Decor for Skyrim I
BLARY - Various Resources
FLINTTONE - Orient Set
ELIANORA - Elianora's Extra Resources
SCARLA - Scarla's Toybox - Modder Resources
ELINEN - Whiterun House Foundations
MAHTY - Hip Bags
JAYR848 - Stormcloak Battle Armor Replacer
MINNGARM / KRITTAKITTY - Realistic Horse Breeds
xXTAINXx - Pierced Ears - Earrings
NICKJORASU - Religious Resources of Tamriel
PHYSICSFISH - Tasheni Saddles Redguard Collection SSE

Big thanks

Translations/Extra files available

HD Signs Textues for WRV by LupusHegemonia here: Lupus Hegemonia's HD sign textures
German translation available also here: Willybach's Whiterun German Translation by Znerol



Added an NPC Cat to city
Removed some Hold specific species, and added others
Added new herds of animals that traverse the plains of Whiterun Hold - their locations and old species are as follows:
SkullKrabbes - In fast flowing water
BoneKrabbes - In shaded water
Nargrenkles - Under Bridges
Skurrels - In woodland around Riverwood
Sheep - Domensticated or with Shepherds
Aurochs - domesticated or with Herders
Elkkendach - Deer like creatures - wild - on plains in far East of the hold
Wiridindach (Wind Dee) - Deer like creatures found wild in mountainous regions of hold
Eyrdach - Near mythical creatures, very rare. (Not in game yet lol, so rare! - will be in final version)
Wild Horses - Domesticated and Wild - in hold west of Whiterun
Kinnoxen - Ox like creatures that inhabit the plains between Whiterun and Rorikstead
Blodfish - In deep lakes
Ripper Fish - Pirannha like fish that hunt in deep and fast flowing rivers

Added to and revamped Tanner Camp on the road to Rorikstead. 
Removed some buildings and moved others at Metalworks. Now back to how it was before I started adding NPCs and buildings for a quest I never finished. I prefer it anyway. And I think its more lore friendly. 
Made a small village for metalworkers. 
Added road signs for additional content in hold.
Added signs to many buildings. Some Im happy with. Others are perhaps place holders and will be replaced in final update. 
Added signs to Whiterun city interior for districts, buildings, streets etc.
Added stocks to area to side of main walkway in Plain District. 
Remade Navmesh of entire cell around new metalworker village. 
Reworked Hildors cow enclosure.
Added some sounds to city

Tweaks / Changes

Added / tweaked more AI packages. Made more NPCs visit the slum area.
Removed some signs from stalls that I felt were not lore friendly due to script of language. 
Changed some textures of building exteriors. Made healers less white. 
Tweaked several traders item lists. Added and removed items. 
Modified front of The Whiterun Inn.
Added notices to message boards.
Added some clutter here and there.


Fixed some navmesh issues.
Fixed some floating items in armoury and goat pen. 
Removed a couple of items Id accidentally duplicated.
Removed some bee hives.

Known Issues:
Floating tree near Whiterun School (I raised it forgetting I had Flora Overhaul installed, so it's actually floating in Vanilla)



New NPC - Courier with horse and mule who travels between Whiterun and Falkreath.
New NPC - Another Follower found in the Shantytown area of town
Added new stairways up to water area in front of Dragon's reach. Can now access those areas naturally. 
Added flora and a new bridge to the new walkway area
Levelled floor and added new seating area outside Town Hall in exterior area
Added some interesting items to the sewer area under the toilets
Added some new colours of outfits from modding resource
Added clutter to Wim's treehouse
Added clutter to Skyforge
Added steps to Stables for horses
Added clutter to some areas of city, including new street lamps and walls here and there. 


Added to Navmesh and altered it in several places
Added to and tweaked AI packages of several NPCs
Changed outfits of several NPCs
Tweaked AI packages of Windwalkers, forgot to have them sitting outside house
Made 2 NPCs, a hunter, and the Executioner, both potential Followers, although high level, so not initially available. 


Finalised some Navmesh that has disconnected cell boundaries
Moved weapon stand as it had some floating items
Removed an Occlusion plane that was outside the Inn, not sure if present in last version but was obviously causing items to disappear temporarily.
Moved door at Inn so it wouldn't clip steps
Fixed Nightvision glasses from Bookstore
Fixed beds at Slum area, NPCs were floating in air.
Fixed some chairs being too low so NPCs had feet in ground


Fixed some bugs
Added idles and patrols
Added AI packages to make NPCs mre varied in routines
Finished new area witha walkway, benches and street lights
Made Instrument maker NPC and Tulli both spend time at their stalls (although Tulli doesn't sell anything lol, just begs)
Fixed the Tramps threatening each other in their camp



Completed all interiors, of 3 more shacks (Sammi's, Executioner's and Instrument maker's)
Added rundown area of city, with more dense areas and a beggar's area
Added 3 beggars
Added Blacksmith's Apprentice
Added Soup kitchen area with NPC (wife of Baker)
Added Garden area to Bakery
Added walls to several buildings
Added garden area, walled with a gate, to Breezehome
Added Garden area to Gardener's shack
Added trees to area near Hall of the Dead
Added a shrine and small flower bed to rear of house
Added Executioner
Added Instrument maker NPC
Added stalls to tree in square, Paintings, Instruments, Scrolls and the Sword of Whiterun

Tweaks / Changes

Reworked area near Temple, changed trees, make larger trees with better lights
Added and amended lots of AI packages to make more NPCs visit more areas
Moved Urkin's hovel to be inside the city.