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Uncover the secrets of an Akaviri island. Featuring new quests, monsters, loot and more.

Permissions and credits
  • German

Old V3

-Fuz Ro D-oh - Silent Voice

-There are large battles (10+ Npcs at once) complex combat mods may cause performance drops/crashes. ENBBoost suggested for LE.
-Object detail must be set high in your game options, otherwise some visual bugs may occur.

Lore: A cry is heard from across the seas - drawing the Dragonborn to the besieged Tang Mo island of Phoe in Akavir.

- This mod assumes you are the Dragonborn (Dialogue references only)
- Partially voice acted. Subtitles required.

How to start: Examine the crashed Akaviri ship on the coast near Dawnstar.

- 11 Quests
- Large landscape with over 11 marked and unmarked locations
- 13 New creatures/enemies
- 6 New armor/clothing sets
- 11 New weapons, some with custom enchantments
- 14 New powers/abilities to discover
- 12 New plants and alchemy ingredients

Difficulty: Level 15+ recommended

-This mod edits the coast near Dawnstar. (TestCoast in the Creation Kit)
-A large ship, a rowboat, 5 xmarkers and navmesh edits placed in cell 29,38 in Skyrim (small island north of Winterhold)
-Places 3 xmarkers and a rowboat in Winterhold near the college.
-1 npc added to The Frozen Hearth in Winterhold
-If using one of Mihail's creature mods, overwrite Phoe's files or change file load order in Mod organizer.
-A stripped down version of my Haki mod is already included in Phoe.
-Navies Of Skyrim SSE V1 overwrites some of Phoe's files, causing crashes. Experienced modders can convert Navies or unpack Phoe's bsas to overwrite.

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