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The pesky Foglings are undead goblin-like creatures, vampiric in nature. They belong to the lesser vampire ranks that roam across Coldharbour, serving the Higher Ones and Molag Bal himself.

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The pesky Foglings are undead goblin-like creatures, vampiric in nature. They belong to the lesser vampire ranks that roam across Coldharbour, serving the Higher Ones and Molag Bal himself, on that daedric realm, and outside it on Nirn. Not specially smart, they seem to lack the skills to deal with the powers of vampirism properly.
Proves of that can be seen simply looking at their behavio: despite being vampire, they can be seen outside at day, what burns their skin, nevertheless they remain outside and they simply self-mutilate themselves with their claws trying to stop the pain of their skin being hardly burned by the sunlight. Because that, Foglings have huge holes on their torsos, several of their internal organs and bones were simply ripped-off by themselves, and now only a few  remain there.

Another prove that they are not able to deal with vampirism pros and cons is that they seem to be unable to use the invisibility powers properly too. Because some lack of magical hability, they have cast on themselves some kind of permanent half-invisibility spell that makes them live permanently on a semi-ethereal state. So, they cant use properly the advantages of a well casted vampiric invisibility spell, but that permanent semi-ethereal physical condition makes them 50% resistent to all types of damage.

Their adaptation was, despite all the disadvantages, very good, because they use the permanent mist around them and their not completely tangible form to create ambushes to their victims. Nords tells that the sight of glowing yellow lights on the swamps or on the woods are not a signal of fireflies, and you must run from there as fast as you can, because they are the eyes of the foglings, that already have seen you too.

Used as minions by other types of vampires, you can see them roaming Coldharbour, Soul Cairn, and also commonly in vampire lairs on Nirn. Some also seek protection living close to some lone Hagravens on the Reach.
Scholars does not know much about Foglings because its impossible to aproach them without risks and because its also commonly impossible to deal with their masters, the vampires. But a big part of them believe that Foglings are just Goblins that have contracted Sanguinaris Vampiris or another form of Vampirism, and became undead, pretty much like the process when a human becomes a vampire. But because goblins are just simple-minded creatures, they do not become true masters of the vampirism, only self-mutilated insane beasts that exist permanentely in a unstable and cursed magical state. The poor life of this creatures and their absolute inexistent skills to deal with the powers and traits of vampirism, seem to justify that statement. 

The vampire dust produced by foglings is specially more powerfull than the regular vampire dust.

in 4 variants, with unique sounds, effects, behaviour, loot

- vampire expansion

- The last Skyrim Update

- DLC Hearthfire
- DLC Dawnguard
- DLC Dragonborn


Mihail- re-modelling of the original models, sounds,
animations, effects, spells, scripts, loot, game implementation

Some assets used on this mod belong too:

CD PROJEKT RED - original models and textures