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Ogres are large and seemingly dim-witted orc-kin with cannibalistic tendencies, found throughout Tamriel. Best known for their great strength and foul smell, they are prone to ambush travelers, or even attack settlements, crushing their victims with stones and wooden clubs until they turn into pools of blood.

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Ogres are large and seemingly dim-witted orc-kin found throughout Tamriel. Best known for their great strength and foul smell, ogres have steely blue or greenish skin, pronounced teeth, bulky bodies, large limbs and elven ears, and according to some scholars, cannibalistic tendencies.

Dangerous, they are prone to ambush travelers, or even attack settlements, crushing their victims with stones and wooden clubs until they turn into pools of blood. After having had many of their settlements taken over by bandits and forsworns, they seem to have developed a special hatred for both, especially the latter, with incursions by groups of ogres to attempt to retake these places. As a consequence of the civil war, the return of the dragons, among many other turbulences Skyrim has been going through, many places previously occupied by creatures like Goblins and Ogres are now occupied by humans, which forced these creatures to now live nomadic lives, and wiping out most of their settlements in the province.

Due to the prejudice of the self-proclaimed superior races, the rights of Ogres (and others like them) is not an important matter to the heads of those responsible for caring for the sentient inhabitants of the province, making Ogres a totally marginalized species and no different from a bear or wolf in the view of the nords. This view is actually recurrent in almost all Tamriel, with Ogres being used as slaves for forced labor or tanks for war against their wills. Malacath, as patron of the Ogres, and of all Orc-kin, loathes and rages at such practices, often sending emissaries to free these Ogres, and to punish those responsible.
Due to their simple minds, many Ogres also end up working as mercenaries for bandits, in exchange for drink or food. But, it is in the strongholds of the Orcs that the most civilized Ogres find greater tolerance and protection, working as free creatures in the orc mines and as guardians of the settlements. However, and although seen as taboo, some Orcs appreciate Ogre meat as a fine delicacy.

Like Goblins and Rieklings, Ogres have been more developed in past ages, never on a level similar to that of elves or humans, or even of Goblins, but they have already manifested a greater intelligence and culture in the past, and beastializing since then. Even the existence of Ogres Shamans in the past is reported, and nowadays the occurrence of Ogres with magical abilities is non-existent. Since the disappearance of magical abilities in a species previously able to use them is a sign of retrogression of intelligence, scholars assume Ogres are clearly devolving, like almost all Orc-kin.

Ogres appear wearing from simple clothes made of fur and leather, to large pieces of rusty iron armor, adorned with pointed bones. They use weapons from clubs made of wood and reinforced with iron, to simple stones that they pick up from the ground. They paint their bodies with ritualistic paintings, and in Skyrim they can appear both in the common greenish variant, as well as with blue skin, a sub-species known as Snowhills Ogre, which inhabits colder mountain regions.
Some Ogres in the service of the Orcs are more heavily equipped, including using weapons and pieces of armor in the Orcish style.

- new creature OGRE- in 5 variants:
Savage Ogre, Ogre, Armored Ogre,
Savage Snowhills Ogre, Snowhills Ogre,
with new loot and new sounds, also behaviour to
attack forts, camps and to ambush npcs on roads

- The last Skyrim Update

- DLC Hearthfire
- DLC Dawnguard
- DLC Dragonborn


Mihail- Ogres models, textures. animations,
sounds, loot, game implementation,
weapon re-texture

Some assets used on this mod belong too:

 RustyShackleford69- he helped me
with more lore info about ogres
CD PROJEKT RED- for the piece of raw pork meat that they wear at the waist,
and for the leather bag that some of them wear at the breast
Ole Gunnar Isager- for the wood club weapon some of them use